258px-Drakor looking at captured brad
Aww...that's why I love her.
~ King Draykor after have seen Princess Demurra had saved herself

King Draykor, was the false main antagonist of the Wander over Yonder episode "The Hero".


Brad, Wander, and Sylvia had been kidnapped by Draykor's hog army and were brought to him. While he seemed like an archetypal villain at first, Princess Demurra appeared and soothed his aggressive and menacing behavior quickly. It was revealed that Brad had lied about Draykor but soon enough, he had then captured Demurra. When Wander, Sylvia, Draykor, and his army were about to save her, it was revealed that she saved herself and defeated Brad herself. Draykor and her then soon wedded.

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