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King Kong is a heroic ape kaiju and a clone of the original King Kong who first appeared in the TV series, Kong: The Animated Series. He is the deuteragonist of the series.

His vocal sound effects were provided by Scott McNeil.


In his base form, Kong resembles a massive gorilla with a humanoid physique while most of his body is covered in a dark blue color. He stands upright like humans, although he sometimes walks on all fours like a regular gorilla and has a mouth full of sharp teeth. In his mega form, Kong is bigger and more muscular as well as having fur that give the appearance of spikes.


Kong is portrayed as a charming and benevolent creature who truly cares about the lives of others. He even went so far as to sacrificing his life many times to save his allies, but still displays ferocious anger towards those who attack him.


After the original King Kong perished upon falling from the Empire State Building, a scientist named Dr. Lorna Jenkins took DNA samples from his dead body and combined it with the DNA of her grandson Jason to create a clone of Kong. One day, a group of bandits appeared at her lab and demand that she tell them the location of the Primal Stones. After Kong and Jason heard their grandmother's cries for help, they arrived and defeated the bandits. One of the bandits attempted to reach for a gun, but accidentally dipped his hand in acid and caused a chemical fire. Jason, Kong and Dr. Jenkins escaped, while the bandit vanished in the fire. Dr. Jenkins realized that Kong wasn't safe anymore and took him to Kong Island. Years later, Dr. Jenkins sends an email to Jason inviting him to Kong Island.

Jason decides to bring his friend Eric "Tan" Tannenbaum with him. Their university professor, Ramone De La Porta, asks to come along, and Jason sends an email to his grandmother to ask her if it is okay. De La Porta intercepts his message and tampers with the email, inviting himself to the island with Jason and Tan without anyone's knowledge. After crashing landing, the three were chased by a Tyrannosaurus rex and split up. The T-Rex continued to pursue them, eventually running into Kong, who fought the T-Rex and forced it to flee. They meet Lua, a girl native to the island, who takes them to Dr. Jenkins' lab. Upon arrival, Kong is aggressive towards Ramone for unknown reasons. Kong eventually leaves and Jason and Tan chase after him. Ramone then reveals to Dr. Jenkins that he was one of the bandits that attacked her lab years ago.

After learning about this, she sends a message to Jason and Kong without his knowledge. After De La Porta takes the Cyber-Link and a couple samples, Lua returns and orders Chondor to attack him. De La Porta then uses the Cyber-Link to merge with Chondor and become a sabretooth tiger-like beast. After a short scuffle, Jason merges with Kong and becomes Mega-Kong, successfully defeating De La Porta. De La Porta later kidnaps Dr. Jenkins and forces her to tell him the location of the Primal Stones. After learning of her disappearance, Jason, Lua and Tan go and look for her. They help Dr. Jenkins escape, but Ramone merges with a bear and attacks them. Kong arrives to help Dr. Jenkins and fights De La Porta at the top of a waterfall. During the battle, De La Porta is seemingly knocked over the waterfall to his death.

However, De La Porta survives the fall and finds the location of the Primal Stones. Upon taking them, he triggers multiple disasters on the island. After Kong regains memories of the original Kong, he finds the location of the Primal Stones, where he fights a giant snake before De La Porta merges with it. After a short scuffle, part of the temple collapses, burying Kong and De La Porta in rubble. De La Porta escapes and hops into the plane Jason and Tan used to get to the island. Jason jumps onto the plane and fights De La Porta. Before getting knocked out of the plane, Jason grabs some of the Primal Stones and is then caught by Kong. They learn that Primal Stones not only contain individual powers, but were also used as seals to keep the demon Chiros from escaping the island.

By using the Cyber-Link, Jason now has to merge with Kong and work along side his friends and his grandmother to reclaim the Primal Stones from De La Porta and his followers while fighting Chiros' forces.

Powers and Abilities

  • Enhanced Strength and Durability: In both his base and mega form, Kong displays immense physical strength as well as demonstrating great durability.
  • Enhanced Combatant: Kong is very skilled at fighting as he was able to battle various giant mutant creatures and come out on top.
  • Enhanced Agility: Kong possesses impressive agility like all gorillas and apes.
  • Intelligence: Kong is really intelligent as he can make use of environmental objects like trees or rocks when fighting and even when overwhelmed by more powerful or more numerous opponents he can think on his feet and find a way to win.


  • Limited Durability: Although Kong is incredibly durable, he does have his limits; for example, he can get wounded very easily as well as having a poor resistance to fire; due to his thick fur.

Audio Samples


  • This version of Kong oddly looks familiar to Peter Jackson's version of the character from the 2005 film.
  • This version of Kong has similarities to Zilla Junior from Godzilla: The Series.
  • Kong's roar sounds much more human, similar to the Hanna-Barbera version of Godzilla.


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