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NOTE: This article is about the incarnation of King Kong from the MonsterVerse. The mainstream version can be found here: King Kong.
Hero Overview

That's Kong. He's king around here. He's god to these people.
~ Hank Marlow describing King Kong's origins to Conrad and Weaver.
~ King Kong's only seen word, via sign language, in Godzilla vs. Kong.
Cloaked in mist, far out at sea, lies an island of mystery.
Here between the cliffs and sand, a mighty Titan rules the land.
Fists like boulders, roar like thunder.
All who see him gasp in wonder.
He horrifies the bravest men.
His name is Kong... he is my friend.
~ Jia in the book Kong & Me about King Kong.

King Kong, also simply known as Kong and dubbed Titanus Kong, is one of the main kaiju protagonists of the MonsterVerse franchise alongside Godzilla. He, as an adolescent, first appeared as the titular kaiju protagonist of the 2017 epic monster action-adventure film Kong: Skull Island, and a cameo character in the 2019 film Godzilla: King of the Monsters. He reappears in the 2021 film Godzilla vs. Kong as one of the two titular main kaiju protagonists (alongside Godzilla) in which he, as an adult, battles Godzilla and Mechagodzilla.

In Kong: Skull Island, he was portrayed by Terry Notary (who also played Rocket in the Planet of the Apes reboot franchise and Buck in The Call of the Wild) and Toby Kebbell (who also played Durotan in Warcraft) in motion-capture. In Godzilla vs. Kong, he was portrayed by Eric Petey in motion capture.


Kong is the guardian of Skull Island and is responsible for maintaining the natural order and defending the island's wildlife from threats. While Kong appears to be highly territorial, he does demonstrate some degree of altruism, such as rescuing a trapped Sker Buffalo and saving Mason Weaver from drowning. Kong is not normally aggressive towards humans, and only attacks them when provoked. The native Iwi tribe reveres Kong and views him as their savior, as he and his family allegedly defended them from the Skullcrawlers in the past. Kong demonstrates an interest in Mason Weaver, as he at one point allows her to touch his face, and later admires her in his hand after he rescues her from the Skull Devil.

In 1995, it fully reveals Kong's driving motivations for keeping the order of the island. After witnessing his parents' deaths as a mere infant, Kong chose to avenge them and honor their memory by keeping the island's Skullcrawler population under control and actively defending the island's least malicious and most vulnerable life, including the Iwi people. He actively rescues members of Monarch's second off-the-books expedition to the island from Death Jackals and a Sirenjaw, and immediately comes to the aid of the Iwi village once it is besieged by Mother Longlegs allowed into the village by the deranged Walter R. Riccio.

Kong recognizes humans and understands that they share his level of intelligence, and is shown to distinguish between those he judges as friendly and those who are not. As such, he defends or genially regards most humans, but kills Preston Packard, Riccio, and even Maia Simmons. In Godzilla vs. Kong, Kong took the orphaned Iwi girl Jia under his wing after a storm around Skull Island reached the island interior, becoming her adoptive father. This is further explored, which shows that Kong saved Jia after her family was killed by a Sirenjaw.

When Maia ordered her guards to aim their weapons at the girl, Kong bellowed angrily at them to protect Jia. After some convincing from Jia, Kong realized that Godzilla is in fact an ally the whole time and helps him fight against Mechagodzilla. Kong puts the defense of Skull Island as his first priority, and his will is so strong which he is willing to stand up to Titans of equal status to his own if necessary. Kong's willpower renders him resistant to the alpha call of King Ghidorah, which awakens most other Titans around the globe and bends them to his will, including the Leafwings and Skullcrawlers on the island.

Kong actively chooses to remain on his island and ignore Ghidorah's call to "hunt together" with him, and his attention is immediately grabbed by the Skullcrawlers responding to Ghidorah. Only Godzilla and Mothra also dared to oppose Ghidorah's call.

Physical Appearance

As with other iterations of the character, Kong is a giant humanoid primate-like creature. While it has some elements of his 1933 incarnation appearance-wise (orange-brown fur, a small crown-like hairstyle, a huge brow and an exaggerated muzzle), the MonsterVerse iteration of the character also borrows aspects of early hominids and Bigfoot so as to give him an iconic appearance.

Another change includes his more upright, human-like posture instead of a hunched-over posture of a silverback gorilla, though his arms nevertheless are still disproportionately longer than his legs which gives him a distinctive silhouette. Kong also sports a round head, three large scars on his chest from battles against threats on Skull Island and a muscular physique with defined abs and large biceps.

By the time of Godzilla vs. Kong, Kong's height has tripled to 337 feet. Kong's fur now has a darker shade of brown, or even black, in addition of having a beard-like structure. The scars on his chest also properly healed, but are still faintly visible.

Powers and Abilities


  • Ape Titan Physiology: As a Titan in resemblance to an ape, Kong is incredibly powerful as he possesses several physical attributes that surpasses that of most other Titans. Kong is also the second most powerful Titan in existence; second only to Godzilla and the late Ghidorah.
    • Advanced Strength: Kong's primary power is his immense physical strength due to his humongous size and has enormously powerful arms. This makes him far greater than that of his kind, thus; he is the second strongest Titan in existence; second only to Godzilla and the late Ghidorah. As an adolescent, Kong's tremendous strength allows him to throw a boulder around half his own size, uproot large trees and throw them a great distance at flying targets with accuracy, fight off a Mire Squid and kill it using his own muscles and also able to rip off Skull Devil's powerful tongue when it latched onto him, killing the alpha Skullcrawler. His punches can smash helicopters as well as incapacitate Skullcrawlers and can wrestle and pin the alpha to the ground by using sheer force. He was also capable of casually lifting a crashed helicopter off of a trapped Sker Buffalo with just one hand. Kong was even strong enough to break free from the anchor chains of a wrecked ship. After reaching adulthood in 2024, Kong possesses the strength to almost overpower Godzilla. He was able to grab hold both of the alpha Titan's arms and keep him still before unleashing a devastating headbutt that knocks Godzilla back, despite Godzilla's attempts to claw and bite his face. Kong's punches were shown to make Godzilla stagger and even fall to the ground, but while his strength can stun and make Godzilla stagger, it did little to slow him down. Kong was also able to subdue Godzilla several times, even managing to use his momentum to toss Godzilla away and have distance from one another. Kong even made Godzilla roar in pain after he punched the latter's wounded thigh. Kong could also throw a Warbat with ease before smashing it against another and ripping it's head clean off without its spine intact. Furthermore, Kong was also able to pull and drag a damaged aircraft carrier with his chains as well as crush a Hollow Earth Aerial Vehicle containing Maia Simmons and her guards inside with just one hand. During the final fight with Mechagodzilla, after Godzilla charged Kong's axe, Kong pushed back Mechagodzilla's tail before cutting it off, then stopped the mecha's punch using his left arm with ease, when beforehand he was struggling to hold Mechagodzilla's tail back. Later, he was able to rip the robot's head off, pulling the spinal cord out with it.
      • Advanced Leaping: Kong's incredible strength extends to his legs, allowing him to leap great heights and distances. He was able to leap from a cargo ship onto a nearby destroyer and then an aircraft carrier in only two bounds in his first fight with Godzilla and can even leap from building to building during their second battle in Hong Kong.
    • Advanced Durability: Kong appears to be tough and resilient as he is capable of withstanding great physical damage, partly because of his Titanic size. However, Titans of similar strength like Godzilla can harm him and, potentially, kill him. As an adolescent, he is capable of withstanding bullets from military helicopters and bites from the Skullcrawlers, though he was still injured by these attacks. Kong can even survived getting set ablaze in a lake filled with napalm caused by Packard, despite being temporarily knocked out from oxygen depletion. During his battle with Godzilla in Hong Kong, despite being bitten, clawed, and tail whipped by the latter, Kong was able to withstand the majority of these attacks and the only things that actually affected him were his dislocated left arm and his heart slowing down from Godzilla stomping on his chest very hard which unluckily caused commotio cordis. Kong has also survived Godzilla's atomic breath, though he was visibly hurt by it. Kong can also survive Gravitational Inversion, a planet's owrth of gravity reversed in a split second.
    • Advanced Dexterity: Like all apes, Kong has five fully opposable digits on each of his hands and feet, allowing him to grab objects and opponents firmly with ease.
    • Advanced Speed: Regardless of his size, Kong's strong legs allow him to run incredibly fast. At one point, he is also shown to walk and run on fours in an almost ape-like fashion when entering the Hollow Earth.
    • Advanced Agility: Kong is able to quickly dodge bullets from military helicopters and the Skullcrawlers that attack him from behind. He also has a body built for flexibility and can swing his long arms to make effective combat strikes. After the fleet was decimated by Godzilla and Kong was transported to Antarctica, he swung on the pipes inside of the entrance to the Hollow Earth with considerable speed. In their second fight in Hong Kong, Kong showcased his agility by climbing and swinging around buildings with ease despite his large size. With his agility, he was able to avoid Godzilla's atomic breath for a time, only being hit once in both of their fights.
    • Advanced Stamina: Kong's musculature is considerably efficient. His virtually inexhaustible stamina enables him to exert himself at peak capacity for an undefined period of time without tiring at all, allowing him to fight longer durations against his formidable opponents such as Skullcrawlers, Mire Squids, Skull Devil, Camazotz, Warbats, Godzilla, and Mechagodzilla lasting several minutes.
    • Advanced Endurance: Kong's endurance is shown to be high as he is capable of enduring powerful attacks from Skullcrawlers, Mire Squids, Skull Devil, Camazotz, Warbats, Godzilla, and Mechagodzilla, able to fight with all his might while ignoring the pain from injuries sustained from combating either opponents.
    • Advanced Healing Factor: Kong was able to heal from his injuries sometime after his match with Mechagodzilla with assistance from Godzilla.
    • Advanced Senses: Kong is granted with powerful acute senses, especially his sense of smell and hearing. He is able to sense a Mire Squid lurking near him while drinking from a lake and can also hear the cries of a trapped Sker Buffalo struggling to break free from the wreckage of a helicopter. In Godzilla vs. Kong, Kong was able to sense that he is trapped inside a dome-shaped facility that Monarch had constructed to contain him while out on the ocean, he was able to sense Godzilla approaching before the radar systems could detect him.
      • Night Vision: Kong's vision is powerfully acute to the point of allowing him to fully see clearly in darkness, enabling him to notice people standing on a cliff through the dead of night.
    • Communication/Sign Language: By the time of Godzilla vs. Kong, Kong was taught sign language in order to communicate as Jia is currently the only person he trusts with this form of communication to the point he avoided using it when anyone else was around to see him do so. Kong is even able to speak a single word, simply by saying "Home". Given that Jia can communicate with him fluently and explain to him what is happening, it is very clear that Kong can understand sign language quite well.
    • Self-Sustenance: As a Titan, Kong does not need to eat or sleep, but nevertheless must perform either to quickly replenish his strength and boost his natural healing factor from battles and other extreme activities. He is also shown to sleep each night out of habit shared by other living beings.


  • High-level Intellect/Master Tactician: Kong is shown to be an intelligent beast, for he can differentiate his allies from his enemies. Most notably, he clearly recognizes Preston Packard and his men as threats but does not attempt to harm any other humans he comes across, even going out of his way to save Mason Weaver from drowning. He also takes advantage of his surroundings while fighting and can use tools as many primates do, which he shows by using boulders, trees, and other objects he can grasp as weapons. Kong's intelligence also allows him to anticipate enemy attacks and formulate strategies to deal them accordingly, which explains how he easily defeated a pair of Warbats and quick to analyze Godzilla's fighting style and power in order to maintain his ground against the veteran Titan. In his fight against the latter, Kong not only keeps preventing him from using it effectively by closing the distance and re-directing his head away from him, but also moves from one building to another so as not to become a sitting duck all while exploiting his battle axe's ability to absorb the latter's atomic breath to either defend himself or turn the alpha Titan's atomic breath against him. This, coupled with quick mastery of his axe that turned out crucial in defeating Mechagodzilla arguably among aspects in Kong that Godzilla admires since they both know brute force alone at times not enough in combating formidable adversaries.
  • Climbing Skills: Kong is an excellent master of climbing as he is able to scale sheer cliffs and mountain faces with relative ease, mainly due to his size. He is also shown to climb buildings to avoid Godzilla's atomic breath during their battle in Hong Kong all while carefully placing his own weight over them so as not to topple them by mistake.
  • Swimming Skills: Kong is known to be a decent swimmer as he is able to swim quite well, although he cannot hold his breath underwater for long periods of time.
  • Survival Skills: Kong is a master survivor thanks to spending majorities of his life taming the wilderness in Skull Island, learning where to find food or water as well as overcoming dangerous situations.
  • Improvisation: Among his skills, Kong has learned and apparently inspired by the Iwi to create something useful out from any object he can find, such as crafting a spear by shearing off a tree's leaves and branches.
  • Tool Usage: Like all apes and his species, Kong is a tool user as he is capable of wielding any kind of object as a weapon for combat and self-defense, from trees and boulders to his ancestral axe. When combating Skull Devil, he uses a stripped tree trunk as a baseball bat to swing it against Skull Devil's face, used a ship's propeller attached to a chain as a flail to wound and pull the creature back toward him and even used the propeller as a saw blade to slice Skull Devil's throat open. In Godzilla vs Kong, Kong used a stripped tree as a spear to destroy a biodome Monarch had built to contain him, used a fighter jet as a dart to throw at Godzilla and later used a radio dish as a shield to block the latter's atomic breath during their battle in Hong Kong.
  • Advanced Combatant: Kong is a highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant, being able to perform a variety of punches, kicks and grapples during his fights with Skullcrawlers, Skull Devil, Mire Squids, Camazotz, Warbats, Godzilla and Mechagodzilla. His combat skills extends to the usage of objects or weapons, most notably his battle axe which he uses against Godzilla and Mechagodzilla.
    • Battle Axe Mastery: Kong can offensively and defensively use his battle axe in his fights, as shown when he battled Godzilla and later Mechagodzilla.
  • Stealth: Kong is shown to be stealthy, as he was able to sneak away from Godzilla and hide on the top of a building during their second battle in Hong Kong.
  • Sharp Teeth: Like all apes and his species, Kong has sharp canine teeth that grant him a lethal bite. This was seen when he bites and tears off the tentacles of a Mire Squid after killing it. In Godzilla vs. Kong, Kong is briefly shown piercing Godzilla's neck very hard during their underwater fight, showing that his bite did hurt Godzilla quite a bit.


  • Limited Durability: Although Kong is incredibly durable, he does have his limits; for example, he can get wounded very easily, which was seen when the blades of a helicopter he fought grazed his hand very badly and when artillery rounds severely wounded his arm. Kong also has a poor resistance to fire; due to his thick fur, collapsing unconscious from the napalm and fire he was hit with after a few minutes. As an adult, Kong was nearly drowned by Godzilla when the latter pulled him into the depths of the ocean, taking advantage of his own water-breathing capabilities. While he holds his own in their Hong Kong battle, Kong is badly burned when he is hit by a blast of Godzilla's atomic breath, creating a burn mark on his back, though it quickly fizzled out and didn't seem to affect Kong shortly afterward. Kong is also rendered helpless and nearly killed once Godzilla unleashes his full fury against him in the Hong Kong battle, dislocating Kong's left arm, slashing him with his claws and even stomping on his chest.
  • Limited Stamina: Despite Kong's unlimited stamina; he can still be worn out from extreme activities; such as recurring fights against Godzilla and Mechagodzilla. After Godzilla stomped on his chest very hard which caused Kong to suffer commotio cordis, he eventually lost consciousness and collapsed passed out before regaining consciousness after Nathan Lind revived him by using a Hollow Earth Aerial Vehicle as a defibrillator. After defeating Mechagodzilla, Kong slumped down to rest and catch his breath; only to be interrupted by the roar of Godzilla.
  • Limited Healing Factor: Kong's healing factor is inferior to Godzilla's; despite providing him longevity as much as the latter as he needs greater amounts of time to fully recover from injuries, thus; said injuries must be treated so as not to impair him. This was seen when he washed his arm to heal his wounds from a skirmish with several helicopters. Kong's wounds on his chest have also not healed yet.
  • Oxygen: Unlike Godzilla, Kong cannot breathe underwater; due to the fact that his physical structure was that of a terrestrial creature since he was not entirely suited for water. If Kong remains underwater for too long; he will lose consciousness and eventually drown if not able to surface for air in time.

Former weaknesses

  • Limitations: Because Kong was still an adolescent (at the time) he had yet to fully develop the the physical attributes of adult ape Titans; as he had difficulty overpowering opponent(s); who are much larger Kong himself. But after reaching adulthood in 2024; this is no longer a weakness for Kong.



  • Kong wielding his battle axe.

    Battle Axe: Kong's main weapon of choice is an ancient battle axe which he used to absorb energy from the Hollow Earth as well as Godzilla's atomic breath. In their final battle, the fully-charged weapon is powerful enough to knock both Kong and Godzilla back, and even before it is charged, it is shown to be able to slash into Godzilla's thick hide. Godzilla voluntarily charges the axe again when he and Kong battle Mechagodzilla, allowing the ape Titan to quickly dismantle the machine. Kong can also swing the axe at a top speed of 62 miles per hour. In PUBG Mobile, he was capable of using his axe to absorb Mechagodzilla's proton scream.




Kong has a deep hatred for Skullcrawlers as not only they are responsible for the deaths of his brethren, his parents included, but also for their presence there would be disruptive to the island's ecosystems. After avenging his parents' deaths, he dedicated himself to ensure those creatures won't cause further damage and understandably angry upon noticing a survey expedition between Monarch and Packard dangerously attracting surviving Skullcrawlers. Despite this, he remains persistent in his mission in protecting his home from the invading Skullcrawlers culminating in him defeating their alpha, Skull Devil, and keep the latter's pack from reaching Ghidorah.

Skull Devil

Skull Devil was the alpha of the Skullcrawlers on Skull Island and Kong's primary adversary who was said to be responsible for slaughtering the giant apes on the island, leaving Kong as the sole survivor. Skull Devil established himself as Kong's personal enemy as he revealed himself as soon as Kong was left weakened by the conflict against the vengeful Packard's forces and later attempted to exploit the ape Titan's soft spot with humanity against him during their final battle. But in the end, Kong eventually defeated Skull Devil in combat, avenging his parents and left the remaining Skullcrawlers helpless without their alpha.

Sker Buffaloes

Kong appears to care for the Sker Buffaloes living within his territory, as seen when he saved one trapped under a fallen helicopter, as well as fending off the Skullcrawlers that killed one of them.

Unnamed Father and Mother

As a newborn, Kong witnessed their deaths and still missed them greatly since he occasionally looked on their wall paintings sadly. Shortly after his birth, his mother hid him in a cave while his father tried hold off the Skullcrawlers. Nevertheless, their deaths motivated Kong in preventing more Skullcrawlers from causing more death, toppling Skull Island's ecosystem due to their hunger.

Unidentified Titanus Kong individual

This unidentified individual was Kong's presumed ancestor and a member of his species that once battled Godzilla centuries ago before he was killed when Tiamat fought him to take his lair.




Despite Kong and Godzilla being protectors of the Earth, they are also ancient rivals; due to their ancestors battling in an ancient war. Unlike Godzilla, Kong seems to be unaware with the extent of such rivalry; due to spending much of his life in Skull Island as its guardian, let alone the fact of Apex Cybernetics manipulated him and his allies to go into the Hollow Earth to seek for something to defeat Godzilla before he does more harm (in reality, Godzilla was only attacking Apex because he senses the presence of Ghidorah, whose remains they desecrated for their shady project). As such, during their first confrontation at the sea, Kong mistakenly believed Godzilla attacked him for no reason at all. After their first fight and subsequent betrayal of Apex Cybernetics' team once they found what they arelooking for, Kong discovered a ruined throne room along with an ancient axe with a dorsal fin of Godzilla's ancestor as the blade, thus he fully understood about the ancient rivalry between his kind and Godzilla's, wasting no time to answer the latter's challenge upon being challenged by the alpha Titan for another rematch in Hong Kong. Though he briefly gained the upper hand thanks to his battle axe, Godzilla defeats Kong by matching the weapon with his own animal instincts (shown by walking on all fours in a crocodilian-like fashion), culminating to the alpha Titan angrily roaring in Kong's face to submit and the ape Titan responded with a roar of his own, showing he won't submit to Godzilla, thus earning his respect.

When Godzilla is battered and outmatched by Apex Cybernetics' masterpiece Mechagodzilla and Jia persuaded him to help his former rival, Kong decides to help the alpha Titan, where in the said epic battle, he realized they have one thing in common all along: they both want to stop Apex from wiping out the Titans. After they team up, Godzilla used his atomic breath to supercharge the axe and allowed Kong to defeat Mechagodzilla. After that, Kong lets his axe fall to the ground as a sign of peace despite his initial distrust, ending the feud between him and Godzilla, who roars at Kong in acknowledgment and returns to the sea, while Kong returns to the Hollow Earth to make it his new home.


Kong's own alpha status renders him resistant to the alpha call of Ghidorah, who awakens most other Titans around the globe and bends them to his will, including the Skullcrawlers on Skull Island. Kong actively chooses to remain on his island and ignore Ghidorah's call to "hunt together" with him, and his attention is immediately grabbed by the Skullcrawlers responding to Ghidorah. Only Godzilla and Mothra also dared to oppose Ghidorah's call. Despite this, Kong hasn't fought Ghidorah until he was reincarnated into Mechagodzilla with help of Apex (who had tricked Kong into leading them into the Hollow Earth) later after a fight of three kings between himself, Mechagodzilla/Ghidorah and Godzilla (who later helped Kong defeat his reborn archenemy).


Despite Kong was unaware what Apex's true priorities were, his mistake was leading them into the Hollow Earth to extract samples in order to create Mechagodzilla. After his battle with Godzilla, he realized that Godzilla is not the reason why he is creating chaos as it turned out he was trying to stop Apex from reincarnating Ghidorah. Soon, Kong decided to undo his mistake by aiding Godzilla to face Mechagodzilla, after a painful and yet struggling fight. In the end, Kong managed to destroy Mechagodzilla with a little help of Godzilla powering up his battle axe with his atomic breath.


Mason Weaver


James Conrad


Hank Marlow


Preston Packard



Jia is one of very few humans Kong trusts. When the storm that hit Skull Island nearly wiped out the entire Iwi's, Kong saved Jia from nearly dying. From then on Kong would trust Jia with his life, even getting angry when an Apex Cybernetics soldier pointed a gun at Jia. Jia is the only reason Mechagodzilla does not exist, due to her convincing Kong that Godzilla is not his enemy.

Ilene Andrews

Ilene Andrews is a scientist who studied Kong for 10 years on Skull Island. She knows everything he does and how he does it.

Nathan Lind


Maia Simmons


Audio Samples


  • This is the largest incarnation of Kong to date.
  • Unlike most other previous incarnations, this version of Kong reached adulthood while most of his other previous incarnations died before reaching adulthood.
  • Kong is shown to be carnivorous in the MonsterVerse as he was shown eating a Mire Squid and even a Warbat, though gorillas in real life are actually vegetarians since their usual diet is likely consisted of plants and fruits.
  • Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts wanted Kong's design to have a closer resemblance to his 1933 incarnation designed by Marcel Delgado. Thus, Kong combines features of early hominids such as the mythical Bigfoot and perhaps some aspects of the Gargantuas instead of being a more "realistic" gorilla.
  • Kong is the third monster that Monarch discovered, the first 2 being Godzilla and Shinomura.
  • In Kong: Skull Island, the sound effects of Kong were made from the vocalizations of lions, tigers, monkeys and gorillas whilst in Godzilla vs. Kong, the sounds were made from the vocalizations of lions, leopards, monkeys, gorillas, grizzly bears, wild boars and African elephants.
  • Kong has similarities to Godzilla in several ways;
    • Both are the last of their species.
    • Both have a vendetta against their natural enemies (Skullcrawlers, M.U.T.O.s and Ghidorah); who have wiped out their species.
    • Both are portrayed as morally-neutral apex predators who maintain order and have no personal quarrel with humans.
    • Both had directly confronted humans in a bid to stop them from bringing back the great threat they vanquished. Whereas Kong attacked Preston Packard and his crew to prevent them from using seismic bomb charges as it will attract Skullcrawlers back to Skull Island, Godzilla laid waste upon Apex Cybernetics' facilities because the company defiled Ghidorah's surviving remains for a shady purpose.
  • Like his 2005 incarnation, Kong has numerous scars on his body, giving him a somewhat "battle-hardened" look.
  • Like the backstories for his previous incarnations, Kong is the last of his kind.
    • However, Kong's backstory is somewhat similar to Batman as both are loners who had tragic backstories and were orphans since they were children after their parents got killed (Kong's parents were killed by Skullcrawlers, whilst Bruce Wayne's parents were killed by a mugger known as Joe Chill).
    • Kong's fate and circumstances surrounding relocation from Skull Island contrasted to those of his original, 1933 iteration and 2004 remake; here, he was moved by MONARCH to Hollow Earth at his own volition due to his home island was already doomed, saving a human city instead of ravaging it (his fight against Godzilla and subsequent team up with the latter against Mechagodzilla did caused notable property damage), and survived the events of the film instead of dying.
  • Unlike other Titans in the MonsterVerse franchise, Kong does not absorb or feed on radiation.


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