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King Leonard Mudbeard is the main antagonist of The Angry Birds Movie, and the secondary tritagonist of its sequel, The Angry Birds Movie 2. He is Red's former arch-nemesis. He is the king of the Pigs.

He was voiced by Bill Hader, who also played Flint Lockwood in Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, Fear in Pixar's Inside Out, Richie Tozier in It: Chapter Two, Alpha 5 in Saban's Power Rangers and Firewater in Sausage Party.


The Angry Birds Movie

Leonard first appears when he and his gang of pigs arrive to Bird Island by boat, crashing onto Red's house by the shore, much to Red's distraught. Leonard then introduces himself to the birds, claiming himself and his gang to be peaceful explorers offering friendship. Red openly suspects of the pigs' motives, but the the other birds don't listen to him due to his anger issues, much to Red's dismay. As such, Leonard starts throwing out celebrations for the pigs and birds, even introducing the latter to a giant slingshot and helium balloons for fun.

Stealing the Eggs and Preparing the Feast

While Leonard hosts up a disco party for the birds, Red, along with his friends Chuck and Bomb, soon learn that the pigs have implanted explosives around the island and realized that they plan to steal the eggs for food (even the disco party was nothing more than a distraction to keep the birds busy). While Chuck attempts to warn the others, Red and Bomb attempt to retrieve the stolen eggs, but Leonard and the pigs escape in their ship and set their explosives off to destroy the village. Declaring that he has finally got the eggs in his possession, Leonard happily orders his pigs to sail back to their home at Piggy Island. The other birds apologize to Red for not listening to him, but they feel hopeless until Red motivates them to let out their anger on the pigs in order to retrieve their eggs back.

As Red and the birds construct a raft to head over to Piggy Island, Leonard returns back home to his castle and declares a feast as he plans to have the eggs cooked into omelets for his entire kingdom to eat. As the birds finally reach Piggy Island, Red uses the giant slingshot to launch a series of attacks on the castle, deducing that the eggs are stored inside and wanting to get even with Leonard for wrecking his house. Spotting the birds, Leonard orders his fellow pigs to stop them while he prepares his feast for his kingdom. Eventually, Red, Chuck, and Bomb manage to infiltrate the castle and retrieve the eggs from being cooked (with the help from an arriving Mighty Eagle). However, one of the eggs gets loose and Red remains behind while letting Mighty Eagle, Chuck, and Bomb escape with the eggs.

Final Battle and Defeat

With his patience finally worn out, Leonard angrily tries to take the egg from Red, resulting both of them to fall into the castle's reserve of explosives. Though Leonard manages to catch the egg and is about to fry it with a candle while standing on a pile of dynamite, Red (in a rare moment of calmness) manages to trick Leonard into letting his guard down by complimenting him of his plan of stealing the eggs. As Leonard fell for it by thanking Red for it, Red pulls out a box full of dynamites, causing Leonard to slide down and allowing Red to retrieve the egg while the candle lights up a few dynamite. Red then shields himself and the egg by hiding inside a falling giant pot while Leonard screams as the explosives go off, destroying the castle and the rest of Piggy Island. Red and the birds then make off with the eggs unscathed while Leonard and the pigs seemingly perish in the explosion.

With the pigs finally defeated, the birds head back to Bird Island with their eggs in peace. During the end credits, it turns out that the pigs have survived the destruction of Piggy Island, including Leonard, who is last seen sitting on the remains of his castle fuming over the destruction of his kingdom. As the birds and pigs dance to "I Will Survive", a vengeful Leonard swears to 'hatch up' a new plan for revenge before joining in to dance with the other pigs.

The Angry Birds Movie 2

He redeems himself during the sequel and teamed up with Red and the other birds to defeat Zeta who sent him and the pigs to capture the eggs, and get rid of her Ice Ball Machine. He never went back to his villainy, he stayed redeemed.


Leonard started off as very tyrannical, controlling and manipulative, but he later reforms in the sequel and became heroic.

Leonard acts very honest, charming, attractive and charismatic and speaks with confident and enthusiastic manners. Despite being a dimwit, he is considered the most intelligent pig as he once saw Red breaking into his castle and informed three pig guards about it.


Leonard is a green pig with a dark green beard, dark green eyebrows, black eyes and a chubby build. He first appears without a crown and clothes. However, he did wear a crown on his head and red sporty attire. During the final trailer, Leonard only wore his King's red cape with white black fur trim collar along with his ruby and sapphire crown.


  • Leonard is similar to other redeemed villains:
    • Kylo Ren from the Star Wars sequel trilogy:
      • Both are the main arch-nemesis to the series' hero (Red and Rey Skywalker).
      • Both redeem themselves and become friends with the protagonist.
      • Both rescue the hero from being killed by the overarching villain.
    • The Grinch from Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas:
      • Both are at first revealed to be cheeky and mischievous pranksters in the good side of their cities (Leonard to Bird Island; The Grinch to Whoville).
      • Both become friends with the protagonist (Red and Cindy Lou Who).
      • Both reveal their true evil nature to the citizens (Leonard is revealed to be the king of Piggy Island who plots to cook and eat the eggs; The Grinch is revealed to be a dangerous terrorist who plots to destroy Christmas).
      • Both have a change of heart at the end of their films and become friends to the good city.
      • Both save the protagonists from trouble.
    • Nick Wilde from Zootopia:
      • Both start out as tricky and sly con-artists.
      • Both befriend the hero (Red and Judy Hopps).
      • Both betray the hero the first time they encounter him (Leonard betrays Red by stealing the eggs; Nick betrays Judy after his Pawpsicles hustle).
      • Both redeem themselves and decide to join the hero on their mission.


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