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{{Anti-Hero Infobox
|image = Leonard Mudbeard.png
|size = 200
|fullname = Leonard Mudbeard
|alias = King Leonard Mudbeard<br>
King Mudbeard<br>
King Pig
|origin = ''The Angry Birds Movie''
|occupation = King of the Bad Piggies
|goals = To rob Bird Island of their eggs in order for his kingdom to eat them without any interference from the birds <small>(formerly)</small>.<br>
Help Red, Chuck, and Bomb defeat Zeta <small>(succeeded)</small>.
|friends = Ross, [[Red (The Angry Birds Movie)|Red]], [[Chuck (The Angry Birds Movie)|Chuck]], [[Bomb (The Angry Birds Movie)|Bomb]], [[Mighty Eagle]], [[Silver (Angry Birds)|Stella]], [[Silver (Angry Birds)|Silver]], [[Hal (Angry Birds)|Hal]], [[Bubbles (Angry Birds)|Bubbles]], [[Terence (Angry Birds)|Terence]], [[Matilda (Angry Birds)|Matilda]], Zeta, Debbie, Courtney
|enemies = [[Red (The Angry Birds Movie)|Red]] (formerly), [[Chuck (The Angry Birds Movie)|Chuck]] (formerly), [[Bomb (The Angry Birds Movie)|Bomb]] (formerly), [[Mighty Eagle]] (formerly), [[Silver (Angry Birds)|Stella]] (formerly), [[Hal (Angry Birds)|Hal]] (formerly), [[Bubbles (Angry Birds)|Bubbles]] (formerly), [[Terence (Angry Birds)|Terence]] (formerly), [[Matilda (Angry Birds)|Matilda]] (formerly), Zeta (formerly), Debbie (formerly)
|type of anti-hero = Supernatural Trickster<br>
On & Off Redeemed Villain}}
'''King Leonard Mudbeard''' (simply known as '''Leonard Mudbeard''') is an antagonist turned anti-hero from the comedy film series, ''The Angry Birds Movie''. He was the main antagonist of ''The Angry Birds Movie'', and one of the tritagonists in its sequel, T''he Angry Birds Movie 2''. He is [[Red_(The_Angry_Birds_Movie)|Red]]'s former arch-nemesis and the king of the Pigs.
He was voiced by {{w|Bill Hader}}, who also played [[Flint Lockwood]] in ''Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs'', and [[Fear]] in Pixar's ''Inside Out''.
===The Angry Birds Movie===
* See [[w:c:villains:King Leonard Mudbeard|Leonard Mudbeard]] in Villain Fandom.
===The Angry Birds Movie 2===
He redeems himself during the sequel and teamed up with Red and the other birds to defeat a new villain named [[w:c:villains:Zeta|Zeta]] and  get rid of her Ice Ball Machine. He never went back to his villainy, he stayed redeemed.
Leonard started off as very tyrannical, controlling and manipulative, but he later reforms in the sequel and became heroic.
Leonard acts very honest, charming, attractive and charismatic and speaks with confident and enthusiastic manners. Despite being a dimwit, he is considered the most intelligent pig as he once saw Red breaking into his castle and informed three pig guards about it.
{{Sony Pictures Animation Heroes}}

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