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King Marshmallow

King Marshmallow is a minor character in the Annoying Orange TV show, The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange. He is Marshmallow's father and Mama Marshmallow's husband.

His name was listed as Marshmallow King in the credits. 

He is played by the late Michael Clarke Duncan. He was one of Michael Clarke Duncan's final roles before his death on September 3, 2012. 

He only appears in Marshmalia, and doesn't appear in the rest of the episodes.

Since Michael Clarke Duncan died, King Marshmallow was absent in Marshmallow Wedding which was an episode with a second appearance of Marshmalia. It is unknown what happened to King Marshmallow since the death of his actor, Michael Clarke Duncan.

King Marshmallow was one of the few characters to not appear or originate in any YouTube video related to the Annoying Orange.


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