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Quincy, otherwise known as Q, is the king of the Funk Trolls, being one of the two heads of the Funky Family. He first appears in Trolls World Tour.


Pre-Trolls World Tour

At some point of his life, Quincy became king, married Essence, and they soon got their twin eggs. Unfortunately, one of their unborn sons ended up being stolen by a bird, but unbeknown to them, it had landed in Troll Village. Since then, they had been trying to find their lost son while raising their remaining one, Prince D, as their only child. Like his wife, he was unaware that Cooper had landed in Pop Village far from Vibe City.

While Essence kept their people through hard times, Quincy's mind was always on his lost son, and he never stopped looking for him. When Darnell was old enough to understand, both Essence and he told Darnell of his lost brother. By the time near the events of Trolls World Tour, Quincy had started to lose hope for ever finding his lost son.

Trolls World Tour

Some time later, Cooper was wandering in the desert when he got sucked into Vibe City. As a result, King Quincy, along with Queen Essence and Prince D, warmly welcomed him back to the family.

When Queen Poppy, Branch and Hickory arrive at Vibe City, they're greeted with a friendly welcome. However, the Funk King and Queen are not prepared to combine their Funk strength with the Pop Trolls' strength, and Darnell explains the reason why; in the past, the Troll Tribes separated after the Pop Trolls had stolen the six strings for themselves. Although the Funk Trolls don't hold a grudge against the Pop Trolls for their ancestors' wrongdoings, they explain differences matter to them, and what makes them Funk Trolls is more important than anything else. As the Rock Trolls attack, Quincy gives the order to prepare for battle and both he and Essence prepare themselves.

Soon, the Funk Trolls find themselves in darkness as Riff unplugs the lights. The entire Funk Troll Tribe is captured and taken to Volcano Rock City, where Barb begins to play the Ultimate Power Chord. Branch stops Barb from transforming Poppy into a Rock zombie, but is the first to be transformed instead. Soon, Barb transforms all the Tribe leaders, including the Funk royal pair as their sons can only look on in woe.

After Poppy smashes Barb's guitar, Quincy and Essence, as well as Branch and the other leaders, are freed from being controlled, but the Strings have been destroyed as well, apparently resulting in the destruction of all music. While the Trolls are saddened by their loss, Cooper and D begin to make music, causing Quincy and Essence to realize that music truly came from within their hearts, which is something that could never be taken away; while it started with the Strings, they no longer needed them since music came from within themselves. The Trolls sang together, inspiring harmony between them and restoring their true colors.

The Trolls are finally an united Kingdom again. At the end credits, he's seen dancing with his family.


King Quincy is a kind and fun-loving father, husband, and a wise ruler of his people. Despite knowing of the ancient Pop Trolls' misdeeds, he doesn't hold them against Queen Poppy, taking the time to explain to her the truth of the Troll Tribes' past and wisely telling her that the Troll Tribes are not all of the same, like Poppy thinks, and "denying [their] differences is denying the truth of who [they] are".

He shows fearlessness and orders his people to prepare for battle when the Rock Trolls come for them and their string.

Alongside his wife, Quincy comes to the realization that music may have started with the strings, but it truly came from the Trolls and their hearts.

He tells "dad jokes" (lame ones according to his son Cooper).


In his normal form King Quincy is a purple-skinned Funk Troll with a yellow nose. His hair has dreads of pink and blue, with a tuft of fur that's not part of the dreads on the right side of his head. He has a blue beard. His fur and neck are covered in golden tinsel strips and he wears a golden cape with a star pattern, as well as jewelled rings on the fingers/toes of his front limbs. He also has gold shades and a star earring on his left ear, which matches the one worn by his son Prince D. Quincy stands taller than his wife Essence and his sons, as well as the other Funk Trolls. As a Rock zombie, his purple skin takes a gaunt grayish undertone, his hair turns black and red, he loses his golden shades and jewelry (which are replaced by spiked bands on his wrists/ankles), his metallic tinsel fur turns black and doesn't reflect light, and his beard turns dark grey, ending in several spikes. His golden cape is replaced by a studded leather one, he has a nose piercing and his eyes glow red.


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