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King Tiger is one of the lead characters when Dark Horse Comics launched its imprint World’s Greatest Comics, in 1993. He is a martial artist and sorcerer who fights paranormal villains.

Powers and Abilities

King Tiger is solidly trained, with an improbable breadth of action skills:

  • Armed and unarmed melee martial arts (particularly Hung Gar Gung)
  • Acrobatics
  • Occultist and mystic expert.
  • Gunfighting (usually with a pair of high-cap 9mm pistols)

All these support his main asset, which is archery. King Tiger is talented enough with his bow and magic arrows to “double tap”, in a way. That is, the second arrow hit the first arrow, driving hit further into the enemy’s skull.

If there are multiple opponents though, like an irremediably possessed crowd or enemy soldiers, he’ll go for the twin pistols.

Other assets

His unique heritage gives him a peculiar ability to detect and even predict demonic ability. Tiger will hear a tearing sound when reality is being ripped by demonic reality.

If the infernal events are going to happen close by, he can predict them in advance. If they happen far away he relies on conventional news sources, but will normally be able to locate the events once he gets close enough. His supernatural senses extend to non-demonic stuff, though they are far less keen in such applications.

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