To the south here lies the market town of Khemet. Three days ago, the lord of the town foully murdered one of the palace concubines. Fearing for their lives, the girl's sisters have asked for the help of the Akkadians. I send you, Mathayus. You will enter Khemet by night. Once inside, you will make your way into the palace, and find the lord in his bedchambers. There, you will... dispense justice.
~ Urmhet explaining his assignment to Mathayus.

King Urmhet is the last known Akkadian king and the stepfather of Mathayus as shown in The Scorpion King: Rise of the Akkadian.


Early life

Urmhet was a very loyal Akkadian and married an unnamed wife and had two sons; Jesup and Rama. His wife eventually married Ashur and gave birth to Urmhet's step-son, Mathayus.

Mathayus' Assignment

Urmhet assigned Mathayus with the task to assassinate the lord of Khemet who allegedly murdered his concubine.

Last Moments and Death


  • Urmhet was voiced by Earl Boen.


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