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Who's that fat kid with the crown supposed to be?
~ King Zog

King Zøg Grunkwitz is a major deuteragonist of Disenchantment. He is the unscrupulous father of Bean and Derek, and the proud (and tyrannical) ruler of Dreamland.

He is voiced by John DiMaggio in the English version of the cartoon, and by Stefano Thermes in the Italian version of the cartoon.


Zøg typically wears a green robe with yellow trims on the sleeves and hem. His cape is a darker shade of green, bordering on a greenish-grey. He has orange hair accompanied with large nose, eyes and ears. He has spiky hair as well as a mustache in the shape of a hair-comb. He has a golden crown with two red gems: one is in the center of the crown, and another rests on top of a strange, antenna-like protrusion emanating from the tip of the crown.


Zog was formerly known as "The Warrior Prince". After his older brother and heir to the throne of Dreamland, Yog, died from being mysteriously poisoned, Zog found himself to be King. He wasn't a "ruler", but a fighter, who enjoyed competing in events such as caber-tossing.


King Zøg is a stereotypical tyrannical king of old, ruling with only his self-interest in mind. He is cruel - teasing his son Derek mercilessly; yells a lot - especially at his daughter Bean; is vain - any lies other than flattery are a mortal crime and does not like to hear the truth - no King wants that. He dearly misses his beloved and perfect wife Queen Dagmar who was turned to stone 15 years ago. He seeks the elixir of life to restore her to his side. He has a jester for entertainment, a news reader and enjoys watching executions. Despite his issues with Bean, he is shown to take some pity. This is shown when Stan teases a cowardly unwillingly to kill Gwen Bean in front of everyone after she gets kicked out of the castle for partying. King Zog says somebody winds up alive everytime she gets some responsibility.


  • Queen Dagmar: Bean's mother, petrified (at least until Dreamland Falls). He wishes to restore her to his side because she was the love of his life. In the events of Dreamland Falls, he learns of her attempt to poison him thanks in part to Luci's past time of crystal-gazing, and has a hard time coping with it; he is also one of the few survivors of her attack on Dreamland.
  • Bean: His only daughter with Dagmar. He has had a difficult relationship with his daughter Bean ever since her mother was turned to stone, though it has recovered somewhat.
  • Queen Oona: Zog's second wife. After Queen Dagmar was turned to stone, he was forced to marry with Oona to secure an alliance (and thus end the conflict) with Dankmire. Obviously she was angry at him with Dagmar's return.
  • Derek: His only son with Oona, and now-king to Dreamland.
  • Elfo: Zog (inspired to find the Elixer of Life) captures Elfo in a cage, poking holes in the bottom so Elfo can "dance and prance", and subjects him to blood tests, but it is apparent that he liked Elfo, and was genuinely upset about his passing.
  • Luci: he shares a (developing) friendship with Luci the Demon, believing him to be a talking cat. At first, he utterly dislikes him, kicking him whenever he would talk, but around Dreamland Falls, he begins talking more and more with Luci, sharing his feelings with him.
  • Ursula: He dated Ursula, a forest selkie in part 2 of season 1. She is also the mother of his third child (Jasper).


It's hard to know what to do without yellin'.
~ King Zog
Cancel all other crusades - we'll find the one true god next year.
~ King Zog
King Zog: Lying to me in any other way than flattery is a mortal crime.

Bean: I've just realised, you're the reason I have a drinking problem.

~ King Zog To Bean
King Zog: Of course I am - I'm your father.

Bean: You know what else you are? You're selfish, you're a terrible king and even if you do find a way to live for eternity, no-one in their right mind would want to spend it with you!
King Zog: Take her away until she stops pointing things out.

~ King Zog to Bean
Everytime that girl gets a little responsibility, somebody winds up alive...
~ King Zog