Kingler is one of the Pokémon from the first generation of Pokémon. It evolves from Krabby at level 28.

In the anime, Kingler first appears as a Krabby stumbled upon by Ash, who caught it in the episode "Mystery at the Lighthouse" to compare it to Gary's Krabby, but left it with Oak for a while after realizing it was tiny compared to Gary's. Ash did not use Krabby until "Round One - Begin!", where Krabby was able to defeat Mandi's Exeggutor before evolving into Kingler, where it defeated Mandi's Seadra and Golbat, allowing Ash to continue the Pokémon League Tournament. Kingler was used in the next episode "Fire and Ice" to defeat Pete's Cloyster, but was knocked out by his Arcanine, which Pikachu soon defeated. Kingler has since been in Professor Oak's lab.

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