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You know, we're not powerless here. We have certain tools at our disposal. Tools that open doors of possibility.
~ Kinsey

Kinsey Locke is a member of the Savini Squad and the Keepers of the Keys and the protagonist/main character of the Netflix show Locke & Key. An extremely talented artist, she is gifted but also emotionally delicate, teased for her intense and contradictory personality during her school life. Feeling inadequate and wishing to prove herself, she is initially skeptical when in their new home inherited from their ancestors, her little brother introduces her to the mysterious keys there. As Kinsey already has a latent desire to make the world sit up and notice her, she is eventually forced to witness the power of the keys firsthand by the malevolent criminal that killed his father and the anti-heroine who has the guilt of unintentionally enabling it — who in a turn of fate becomes the gay love of her life until she betrays and murders her as a direct result of Bode's malevolent manipulations. She is played by Emilia Jones.



Young Kinsey Locke.

On Kinsey's eighth birthday, Rendell took her to the aquarium.

Season One

Welcome to Matheson

Why are we even here? Away from everything and everyone we know? Dad never even wanted us to come here. [...] Okay, you know what? It's no different here. People stare whenever they see us.
~ Kinsey questioning her mother

When Sam Lesser turned up at Kinsey's house, he assaulted Rendell with a pistol. Kinsey hid Bode under a tarp and covered his mouth while Sam proceeded to murder Rendell in cold blood. Subsequently, Kinsey witnessed Nina incapacitating Sam so he could be placed in juvenile prison. This led to her and her family moving to Matheson. Kinsey initially struggles to adapt to her new life at Keyhouse Manor, including attending a new school. Just before school started, Kinsey tried to lighten her stressed mother's load by turning in a document of medical consent for Tyler's permission to join the hockey team, forging Nina's signature, and she also sent an e-mail to the Assistant Head from Nina's account so they could catch up. Nina was mildly displeased, however, and Kinsey took off with Tyler but not before bidding Duncan goodbye. Arriving at Matheson Academy, she overhears a conversation about a party, and while a popular student named Jackie Veda suggests inviting Kinsey, Eden Hawkins oversees the popular opinion of categorically deciding against it. All of this causes her to eat lunch on her own multiple times, given Tyler makes new friends and does not wish to eat with her. Eventually, Scot Cavendish begins sitting with her, to her initial dismay as he is coming on too hard and seems sexually interested in her. Nevertheless, the two grow closer and closer, and he eventually asks if she would like to be a member of his friend group, which is called the Savini Squad.

After learning that their manor is filled with mysterious keys imbued with magical powers, Bode informs Kinsey, but she irritably dismisses him. He does, however, find one of the keys hidden within a bracelet of hers given by Rendell years ago. However, Kinsey is roused when Bode later uses a second key to attempt to communicate with his father, Rendell, with Nina becoming trapped as someone else had instructed him to be supervised by an adult. Suggesting they use a long piece of rope in the Well House, Kinsey sends Tyler into a parallel universe to save Nina, with her keeping him tethered to the Earthly Plane until they can be reunited.


This is the real world, where everything makes sense except you.
~ Kinsey to Bode

Overnight, Kinsey suspects mold hallucinations, conveying this in the morning. Javi drove her and Tyler to school, but she was ungrateful and sullenly stormed out as Javi asked Tyler why she showed him unprovoked bitterness. The academic day began and ended, and in the evening Eden quit the movie they're making, so Kinsey was handed her role, although she was reluctant at first. She was also introduced to Gabe; the two got on well. Still, she struggles with the premise of the movie. After Gabe drenches her in food coloring made to look like blood, Douglas Brazelle hits the tarp which triggered a flashback to the trauma her family endured at the hands of Sam Lesser. This makes her want to quit the movie, and she returns home in tears. Ultimately, she decides against it and the movie goes ahead. It is revealed much later that Scot never cut the specific scene in which Kinsey has a break down as he believes it brings character to the movie.

Head Games

Kinsey being harassed by Chad Garland.

Later, Kinsey uses the key with Tyler to show him some of her memories. Her memories are represented as a Mall, with each of the storefronts representing a different memory. She shows Tyler a particular memory of their father telling a story, and they finally agree on the story's ending. The memory quickly changes, however, and they find themselves in a memory of the day their father was killed by Sam. Tyler is attacked by a figure in her head — later revealed to be her fear — and they promptly leave, although Tyler is still injured in the physical world. Kinsey returns later and drags the figure from her head, burying it, but eliminating her fear in the process.

The Keepers of the Keys

The first effects of Kinsey's partial exorcism become prominent when she cooks the family breakfast. She did not tell Nina or Bode what happened, yet as they arrived at school she confessed to Tyler that she removed her fear. Tyler was horrified, aware of Kinsey's ignorance of what damage could be caused in the near future.

Family Tree

Tyler and Kinsey find the Music Box Key shortly after and, pairing it with the Music Box, they discover that it has the ability to control people. She uses the box on Eden Hawkins, manipulating her into embarrassing herself in front of the whole school canteen. However, Eden passes it off as deliberate physical comedy and Dodge arrives, having witnessed the connection between magic and human behavior. Kinsey allows her to experiment with the key; this causes a rift between Scot and Kinsey because he does not think Eden's comeuppance is as deserved as the other two believe, possibly because he has known her the longest.

The Black Door

You saved my life. You know that, don't you? I would have drowned.
~ Kinsey to Dodge

Unfortunately, Doug brings bad news — the Savinis have lost their shot to film some of their scenes at the Matheson Docks. After he suggests building a set of their own and Dodge suggests making bathtub miniatures, Kinsey suggests filming at the Drowning Caves, following an urge to visit them for numerous days previously. Dodge is immediately in approval of her idea, and the Savinis agree to go. They arrive at the Drowning Cave, and Kinsey insists that they should venture deeper, as she follows the mystical whispers. She comes upon a large door with an omega symbol surrounding it, becoming fixated upon the key hole. Dodge shows up in a panic and tells her that the Savini Squad must leave the caves, as the tide is rising and they may drown and die. She heroically pulls her to safety. Her relationship with Scot and the Savini Squad is fractured, however, as they lose all of their equipment thanks to Kinsey's idea.


I'm just curious how the swelling in his brain is. You know, from when you fractured his skull with a hammer. It's a shame she didn't finish!
~ Kinsey

She later finds herself thrown back into a previous experience when Sam Lesser returns to Keyhouse and threatens the family with a gun, demanding the Head Key. Kinsey and Bode are able to hide the key, however, but Sam eventually gets his hands on it. While Kinsey and Bode remained in the forest a little while longer, Sam was killed by Dodge who took the key from him, leaving the Locke Family surprised, but relieved.

Ray of F*cking Sunshine

I thought taking out my fear would make me feel better. It just made me act without thinking. being fearless didn't even make a difference when it counted.
~ Kinsey

Although she wanted to put her fear back, the absence of the Head Key prevented this. She led Tyler into the sea caves, where they learned the names of the former Keepers of the Keys.


After confessing to Scot and Dodge, Kinsey suggested that she could date them both, confusing them both. Ultimately, Scot told her that he disagreed with her suggestion and the two could both be platonic.

Crown of Shadows

Help me barricade the door!
~ Kinsey

As they waited, Kinsey became restless about Ellie's timing, but then Dodge arrived ahead of time and put on the Crown of Shadows. Realizing Dodge had taken the key from Ellie by force, Kinsey swore apprehensively. As a band of demons began swarming Keyhouse, Kinsey prepared to barricade the door, only for the demons to phase through the wall and overturn Rendell's urn. She rushed forward as a transmuted decoy demon — whom Kinsey assumed was Dodge herself — pinned Tyler to the wall and demanded to know where the Omega Key had been relocated to. However, Bode realized the lights kept them away and confirmed the key was safe. As more demons stormed the mansion, Kinsey rushed downstairs to reactivate the fuse box, but a demon tripped her on the way, and her face came down hard upon the pavement. She rushed for the flashlight, but two demons yanked her backward and behind the fuse box, proceeding to advance forward and attack her. She managed to reactivate the fuse box just as her girlfriend was leaving Keyhouse Manor, arriving upstairs to greet the others.

The trio believed they had subdued Dodge after Bode attempted to murder her with the Matchstick Key. Hence, they hatched a plan to throw her through the Black Door and seal it shut. They were successful in this plan, however little do they know that they have actually thrown Ellie Whedon through the door, nor that the real Dodge was her girlfriend, or that it was the Lockes' alleged nemesis who had saved her from death not once, but twice. Bode names the Locke Children the new "Keepers of the Keys".

Season Two

The Premiere

There you are! You missed our showdown!
~ Kinsey

Kinsey reappears in the second season of Locke & Key, eventually stepping away from a fancy boat and standing atop the water in a fashion comparable to Jesus of Nazareth in a dimension within her head. She continues to interact with the Savinis, including her girlfriend who helps her promote the upcoming premiere of The Splattering.

Small World

I think it's best for you to leave.
~ Kinsey

To be added.

Past is Prologue and The Maze

This can't be right!
~ Kinsey

Kinsey breaks into Eden's head and betrays and plots to murder Dodge upon learning she is both an unbelievably attractive woman and a benevolent extra-dimensional entity, since Bode had been playing everyone for months, although her dumbstruck and homicidal responses also derived from Dodge faking her own death in order to get even with Ellie Whedon, whose alleged demise Kinsey considered sickening, due to the middle-aged schoolteacher having hurt Dodge more badly than anyone else in the show up to that point. Kinsey's homicidal fantasies became even more lurid when Dodge killed Erin Voss in self-defense, proclaiming that she was hellbent on satisfying her bitterness by murdering her ex-girlfriend despite a lack of provocation to do so.


Kinsey is a short-statured and average-looking teenage girl; being slender, but not at all muscular, with blonde hair with a pink streak, brown eyes, and fair skin. Despite her unpleasant facial complexion, she has a surprisingly keen sense of style; generally wearing cargo-type pants and loose jeans with colorful tops and loose, stylish jackets. Ironically, this keen fashion sense makes her very similar to Dodge, who she dates and proceeds to betray. Despite this, she was not objectively as pretty as her, or Eden Hawkins, or even Jackie Veda, however; with Scot Cavendish being the only character ever to acknowledge her alleged physical beauty (as Dodge loves her exclusively as a person).


What's the deal with your sister?!"
"She just came out that way.
~ Javi and Tyler regarding Kinsey's bitter personality.

Kinsey Locke typifies juvenile toxicity, being a negative and upsetting influence to everyone in her life, even the ones she loves; as well as a girl who is best defined by her anger and unhapiness deriving from her childish inability to stop dwelling on bad things that happened in the past. Personality-wise, she is very similar to Eden Hawkins and Bode Locke and sharply contrasts Tyler Locke and Dodge: she is quiet and introverted, and emotionally fragile. At school, she was teased and neglected for her intense nature, and came to develop a latent desire for recognition, having long harbored a desire to sit up and make people notice her. Being extremely stuffy, Kinsey is a fake friend whose heart is almost always in the wrong place. She is resourceful, using a lasso to ensure Bode's fortunate predicament in the dimension opened by the Mirror Key.

Kinsey is immensely rigid when it comes to dating. While she does not initially get on well with Scot as he is overbearing and perversely sexually interested in her, she comes to trust him as he is all she has on a social level. They awkwardly bond on a romantic level, but ultimately decide to remain as friends temporarily. However, she gets on better with Dodge (having no idea they are the same sex) as despite Dodge being considerably stronger and more mature than her, they still seem to balance each other's weaknesses rather well. She has lingering feelings for Scot, however, as she later suggests she can date two people at once, hinting at a desire for polyamory and going to show just how little she thought about the feelings of others. Kinsey was so xenophobic and homophobic that when learning Dodge was neither male or human, she immediately betrayed her and rushed into Scot's arms, despite previous red flags in his nature she was bitter enough to fully ignore. Even then, she left Scot at Eden's mercy despite him implying she may remember having her thoughts so blatantly invaded. Furthermore, she was vulnerable to Bode's manipulations and began actively seeking the destruction of her ex-girlfriend. When finally subdued and put in her place, she grew exasperated and demanded Dodge forfeit the upper hand in favor of more mindless fighting, only for Dodge to remind her what she was giving up for reasons that were purely petty, xenophobic, and selfish.

Kinsey was described as a "bitch" by her ex-girlfriend following her attempted uroxicide. This may not have been totally inaccurate, as Dodge typically showed respect for genuine skill and honor in people, even if said people had upset her, as Duncan did on a few occasions. Therefore, if Dodge had no such praise to give, it indicates that Kinsey probably did lack morality or intelligence. She can also be impulsive and has a tendency to jump to action without thinking of the consequences, which is never more prominent than when she attempts to permanently remove and destroy her fear. This has come back to bite her, such as nearly drowning inside the Sea Caves when the tide came in, and being stunned when her fear manifests later as a physical threat. While she doubted she deserved anything good at all after all of this, Dodge and Tyler both assured her she would make it right with her friends; their counsel ultimately proved correct until Kinsey's feud with Eden intensified, leading to the endgame. She eventually restored her fear, at which point it became clear her definitive bitterness and toxicity had gone nowhere during the transition and was intrinsic to her innermost nature. It would seem Kinsey is so full of herself that she is, much like Eden, completely dismissive of everyone, regardless of how they viewed her. Despite this, Kinsey was very protective of Bode, refraining from smashing Sam's head with a poker when he murdered their father and from grabbing his gun solely so she could flee with her little brother. However, her preservativeness for Bode stems from her ulterior motive of needing him more than he needs her, as she is in no way protective of Tyler or Nina.

As far as her diet goes, Kinsey is for undisclosed reasons a staunch vegetarian, as she ate falogna at school and emphasized this to Sam in regards to chopped-up leftover turkey.


  • Gifted intellect: Kinsey is reasonably intelligent, as she thought to lasso Tyler in a parallel universe so he could reach the base of the mirror and distracted Dodge long enough for Tyler to exorcise Lucas.
  • Expert artist: While uncharacteristically humble about her greatest talent, Kinsey was an extremely skillful artist. She applied to Parsons, which notably impressed Dodge, although she never got accepted.
  • Expert cook: In spite of being underage, Kinsey was just as gifted a cook as her mother was. Upon removing her fear, she was able to cook things such as pancakes and bacon in rapid succession, evidently without a cookbook, and without anyone's assistance. She also offered to cook for Duncan when he was trying to process his new memories.
  • Gifted swimmer: While not on Scot or Dodge's level, Kinsey was an adequate swimmer, although without Dodge, she never would have escaped the raging waters of the Drowning Caves alive.


To be added.


Bracelet: Rendell gifted Kinsey the Anywhere Key in a gold bracelet worn around her wrist.


It is not specifically stated how the Savinis can use the keys to make improvements to their short-movie, as there is no key that would enable them to do this. If there is, however, it is not shared with the rest of the Locke Family or the audience.


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