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Kinzie Kensington is a main character in the Saints Row series. She debuted in Saints Row: The Third as a main character, became deuteragonist of Saints Row IV, a main character in SRIV's expansions, Enter the Dominatrix and How The Saints Save Christmas and she is a playable character in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell, as well as tritagonist of said game.


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Saints Row: The Third

Kensington makes her debut appearance in Saints Row: The Third.

She is first seen being held hostage at a barge guarded by the Deckers, of which the Saints clear out and rescue her from. Later on, she helps the Saints track two more new lieutenants for the Saints - Zimos and Angel de La Muerte.

Saints Row IV

Enter the Dominatrix

How the Saints Save Christmas

Saints Row: Gat out of Hell

Kinzie once again makes an appearance in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell, this time as a playable character alongside Johnny Gat.


Socially awkward and antisocial, Kensington is a very light-hearted and at times youthfully cocky individual. She is very witty and sarcastic, usually making such remarks whenever, in the case of The Protagonist, one doesn't agree to her plans, like her making a remark on The Protagonist's rear being comfy when retrieving the NEMO chair in Saints III.

She is a very paranoid individual, but usually justified in her paranoia, as most of her predictions come true in regards to her warnings of the Deckers and Zin Invasion that particularly left Earth destroyed in Saints IV.

One of her most notable, and notorious to her fellow Saints, quirks is her habit of invading other people's privacy. Kensington often has a habit of upsetting her fellow Saints by spying on them, hinting either a sense of distrust with her colleagues or otherwise her paranoia getting the best of her.

Despite her notoriety with her fellow Saints, Kensington proves to be most useful to them due to her high intelligence and experience with technology, moreso than that of even Shaundi, who, before Kinzie was inducted into the Saints, had the highest degree of skill with technology within the Saints. Her most notable achievements as a result of her intellect would be the RC Possessor, a very powerful weapon that is capable of remotely hijacking any vehicle the user so desires and dismantling a massive air carrier that attacked the city of Steelport during Saints III's non-canon epilogue.

In addition, she is also shown to be a caring and supportive individual. Although she never showed it in front of him in an explicit manner, she had mutual feelings for Oleg Kirrlov, going as far as saying that she misses Kirrlov. In addition, she goes out of her way to protect those she trusts, being the one who breaks The Protagonist out of captivity after having been abducted by the Zin and to ensure that the Zin don't track them down at any cost. Despite her deep hatred for Matt Miller, Kinzie ends up standing up for him when The Protagonist snaps at Miller prior to rescuing Johnny Gat. She also attends the party to honor Shaundi's death during the non-canon epilogue of Saints III as well, showing courtesy and sympathy in the process.


  • She is in some ways, similar to Lisbeth Salander, the main protagonist of the Millennium series. Said similarities include:
    • Her fixation and skill with technology in general, much like Salander. She is also a very capable hacker and can break every measure of digital security that either she or the Saints set their minds to.
    • She is extremely paranoid and agoraphobic, and is highly distrusting of people around her, at least until she helps the Saints disband the Deckers, by which she tries to adapt herself to normal life.
    • Kinzie, like Salander, is a very antisocial individual, spending much of her time isolated in her warehouse in Saints Row: The Third, only accompanying The Protagonist when they need her during normal gameplay or during certain missions, such as Stop All The Downloading and Three Way, for example.
    • Despite the above, she has a level of sympathy toward the people she trusts, such as the 3rd Street Saints, as she was at the Broken Shillelagh (which is rather far from her 'Inner Sanctum') during the non-canon ending of Saints Row: The Third, much like Salander.
    • As with Salander, Kinzie has the tendency to get rather violent when either angry or provoked. Prominent examples include her punching The Protagonist in the face and beating Cyrus Temple into submission, both acts done in Saints Row IV.
      • In fact, she is the only known member of the Saints to become violent toward The Protagonist outside of gameplay as well.
  • Her favorite clothing store is Leather & Lace.
  • Her favorite food is most likely pancakes, considering the fact that Smiling Jack's Diner is the only place she voluntarily goes to that is outside of her 'Inner Sanctum'.
  • Her favorite genre of music is hardcore gangster rap.
  • The events of Saints Row: Gat out of Hell take place during her birthday.


Saints Row: The Third

You call it motion-controlled gaming, I call it putting a corporate-controlled monitoring device in your living room.
~ Said when idle in Saints Row: The Third.
I'm waiting to see if you were sent here to kill me.
~ Kinzie upon meeting the Saints in Saints Row: The Third for the first time.
Totally agree. We should be using, like, that Navajo code dialect...
~ When talking to The Protagonist at Smiling Jack's diner.
You can survive a gunshot. But if your mind takes too much shock in this chair, you'll go brain-dead.
~ Said before projecting The Protagonist into virtual reality.

Saints Row IV

(sigh) The President's words were taken out of context...
~ First line spoken in Saints Row IV.
...Oleg is dead, Viola is dead, Earth is dead. So how about you stop being a fucking asshole and say thank you for giving us the hope we never had.
~ Said to The Protagonist before rescuing Johnny Gat.
Aaargh! I will not be your fucking slave you piece of shit! Aaarrgh! I'm done.
~ Beating Cyrus Temple into submission during her loyalty mission in Saints Row IV.
Ok, I'm going to say this again: Why did we work with Matt Miller! Did everyone forget what he did to me back before I joined the Saints? I mean come on, he set me up to be fired from the FBI and got all my ideas completely discredited just because they think I'm into kink! The truth of that aside, he ruined my life and now he's a "good guy"? This-- this just isn't fair!
~ Regarding her discharge from the FBI prior to the events of Saints Row: The Third.
First I told the FBI, then I told the Saints, THEN I told the President and the entire Secret Service and still they wouldn't listen. Now here we are, abducted by aliens and trapped in technology far beyond what we had on Earth. You know, if I'd only got the budget for my planetary defense system we wouldn't be stuck up here dealing with the Zin. I mean, it would ONLY have cost 3.1 billion. Hey, I tried to warn the military, but they didn't want to listen to the Press Secretary.
~ Regarding the invasion of the Zin Empire in Saints Row IV.
Oleg is one of the best things that ever happened to me and right now it feels like the worst. I'm up here trying to save us from captivity and psychological torture and all I can think about is him. He's the only one who ever truly understood what I was saying. I never thought I'd meet someone with an intelligence nearly matching my own who made me feel like I wasn't constantly missing something in my life. Now, I am. Now, I miss him...
~ Lamenting the loss of Oleg Kirrlov at the hands of the Zin Empire.


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