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Kira is the deuteragonist of the 1982 fantasy film The Dark Crystal. Besides Jen, she is the only Gelfling left after her clan was killed by the Skeksis and was raised by the Podlings, learning how to speak with nature. She has a dog-like creature named Fizzgig for a pet.

She was performed by Kathryn Mullen, with Lisa Maxwell providing her voice.


Kira wears a golden-brown dress with Podling designs and a brown cloak. She has a fair complexion, her hair is long and fair, almost white, and is always barefoot. As a female Gelfling, Kira has segmented fairy or butterfly-like wings that unfold from her shoulders on command.


Kira is a kind, gentle and sweet young girl, soft-spoken as a rule.


Kira survived the Garthim attack on her clan due to her mother placing her as a baby into a hollow tree just before she was killed. Kira was taken in by the Podlings and raised by her foster mother Ydra, and lived life being one with nature and appreciating its wondrous beauty. Accompanied by her pet and sidekick, Fizzgig, Kira's insatiable thirst for adventure is sparked when they stumble on Jen in the forest and learn of his mission to restore the Crystal and bring their world to its proper order once again.

She agreed to join him on his quest. Later, Kira sheltered Jen in her Podling village after several Garthim chased after them, but the village was raided and destroyed again by the Garthim. However, the Skeksis Chamberlain SkekSil stops the creatures from attacking the two Gelfings and Fizzgig, giving the three chance of fleeing. Jen and Kira fled to the “Houses of the Old Ones” and there they discovered the Wall of Destiny. It is only in that moment that Jen and Kira truly understood, and that they must take the True Shard to the Castle before the Great Conjunction and heal the Dark Crystal. However, SkekSil soon followed and interrupted them, asking of a peace offer, but Kira tells Jen not to trust the banished Skeksis. Jen eventually agreed to her and the two and Fizzgig ran away.


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