Kirby is the main protagonist of the anime Kirby: Right Back at Ya!. He's a baby Star Warrior who came to Dream Land to defeat ENeMeE.


The anime Kirby is a bit different from his in-game counterpart, being weaker and more cowardly and often running in battle until ordered to fight and easily drawn into traps simply by hanging a watermelon over him. An example of his looser nature can be seen in "Kirby's Egg-Cellent Adventure", where, unlike in the games, Dyna Blade is the aggressor and Kirby is simply trying to survive. These personality differences may be due to Kirby's reduced age in the anime, which implicitly means that he is a baby.

Despite these differences, other aspects remain the same. He is extremely friendly, kind and helpful, never holds a grudge and is always willing to forgive people for the few times he has been angry with them. Kirby is still as determined and protective as in the games, watching a robotic dog like an older brother and refusing to give up any task, however difficult it may be. In fact, his roommate is the always strong and sour Tokkori - who bothers everyone in town - but Kirby chooses to live with him and never shows any irritation towards him. In "The Big Taste Test", Kirby can swim in a pot of boiling water without worrying about it, and he even seems to enjoy it.

In the "Kirby Takes the Cake" episode, Kirby's flashbacks show his inner side, where some people (in addition to food) can have great significance for him. When they don't treat him as well as they usually do, and he doesn't know why, he doesn't express his thoughts and blame them, but he can get angry at himself.



  • It is revealed in "Beware: Whispy Woods!" and "Don't Bank on It" that everything Kirby eats enters some kind of alternate dimension. In "Beware: Whispy Woods!", Kirby travels inside himself and manipulates the things he has swallowed. He may also have some of the foods he has eaten spit out, such as Whispy's apple.
  • Tiff infers from this that Kirby could have been a monster created by Nightmare Enterprises during a conversation between Tuff, herself and Kabu in "Kirby's Duel Role", but no other event in the series or games confirms or denies this possibility.
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