Mechagodzilla (メカゴジラ, Mekagojira), more commonly known as Kiryu (機龍 Kiryū, lit. Machine Dragon), is a cybernetically-enhanced mecha that first appeared in the 2002 film, Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla. It is the main kaiju protagonist of the Kiryu Saga of Godzilla films.


Kiryu was originally programmed to obey his controller and not meant to have mind of its own in spite of using first Godzilla's genetic code to programmed its mobility. The usage of the said genetic code revealed to have a horrific side effect: Scientist whom programmed Kiryu has also unknowingly imprinted first Godzilla' memories into its processor during programming sequence, which resulting it developed its own sentience that made it loses control. This was revealed when Godzilla's roar causes first Godzilla's memories within its processor active during their first battle and overwhelmed its programming. Overwhelmed by first Godzilla's memories, Kiryu went ballistic and destroyed everything on sight. Though first Godzilla's memories in its processors eventually supressed that made it remained under JSDF's control, Kiryu eventually brought free from their control once again when Godzilla restrained by two Mothra larvaes, but this time so it can brought Godzilla with it to the ocean with it, confined Godzilla in the ocean presumably for good but not before pulled its pilot away for safety.


Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla

Kiryu was built around the skeleton of the original Godzilla in an attempt to defend Japan against the current Godzilla after its attack in Tateyama.

When that Godzilla reappeared and attack, Kiryu was sent in to stop the monster, but its initial weaponry was of little effect. When Godzilla roared into the sky, something went very wrong, as Kiryu suddenly recovered a memory of the original Godzilla deep in its spinal cells, and it stopped moving for a short while. After Godzilla returned to the ocean, Kiryu started moving again. However, it went berserk when that happened, but Kiryu eventually ran out of energy, causing the mecha to shut down. Kiryu was sent back to base after this.

When Godzilla appeared and attacked again, Kiryu was once again sent to stop him. The second battle went well until Kiryu's receiver was damaged, while the mecha itself was knocked down by Godzilla's heat ray when it attempted to finish him with its ultimate weapon, the "Absolute Zero" cannon. Its pilot, Akane Yashiro, managed to take manual control of the mecha, as the mechanical beast was recharged. After getting up, Kiryu attempted to use its Absolute Zero cannon one last time, although this time, it flew quickly towards Godzilla, took an aircraft fighter out of his mouth, shut his mouth with its own hand, and flew into the ocean with him, away from the city, and Kiryu was able to fire its Absolute Zero cannon on Godzilla, but Godzilla mannaged to survive and Kiryu ended up damaged. While Godzilla returns to the ocean, Kiryu was sent back to base for repairs.

Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S.


Kiryu in Godzilla: Tokyo S.O.S.

Kiryu has been given a new left arm where its hand can shift into a drill, new black weapons that replaces its blue weapons and a "Hyper Maser" cannon that replaces the Absolute Zero cannon.

In spite of Kiryu's success, Kiryu's creation proved to be controversial for Shobijins' Mothra's assistants, whom claimed that building Kiryu using the bones of the Godzilla that appeared in 1954 was a violation of the natural order of things, attracting the current Godzilla. In some was, this proved to be true as the effort in creating Kiryu also involved in desecrating the first Godzilla's remains in process. The twins further claimed that Mothra would gladly take Kiryu's place in protecting Japan if they agreed to dismantle Kiryu, and if they declined, Mothra would attack Japan. Since Kiryu had been built partially to defend against a second attack from Mothra herself, the Japanese declined.

Kiryu was sent in to help Mothra to fight back against Godzilla. While Mothra was knocked down, Kiryu continued fighting until Godzilla blasted his heat ray onto one of Kiryu's eyes, knocking the mechanical beast down, damaging it. The mechanic, Yoshito Chujo, was sent to repair Kiryu, and manages to do so, at the dire cost of his ability to escape. Kiryu and Godzilla clash with one another until they both fall onto the Diet Building. when both Kiryu and Godzilla got up, Kiryu shifted its left hand into a drill, and it pierced into Godzilla's chest scar, and the mecha proceeded to drill into the chest scar, causing the monster to scream in agony. Kiryu then fired all of its Maser Cannons onto Godzilla, making Godzilla's roar trigger another flashback in Kiryu which was directly channelled to Yoshito. Godzilla was then wrapped up by the twin Mothra larva web. Unable to fight, Godzilla fell to the ground. Kiryu was then about to finish Godzilla with one last Hyper Maser Cannon, until it broke free of Akiba's control. Rather than finishing off Godzilla, Kiryu, instead, carries Godzilla out to sea. After releasing Yoshito to safety, Kiryu plunges itself into the ocean along with Godzilla, and they were never to be seen again.


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