My name is Kisaragi. Please keep me at your side.
~ Kisaragi
Kisaragi (如月 ”February”?) was one of twelve Mutsuki-class destroyers, built for the Imperial Japanese Navy following World War I. Advanced for their time, these ships served as first-line destroyers through the 1930s, but were considered obsolescent by the start of the Pacific War. Kisaragi had the distinction of being the second major Japanese warship sunk during the war (after Hayate earlier the same day). She should not be confused with an earlier World War I period Kamikaze class destroyer with the same name.


She has long, brown hair with a ribbon in her left side. She has purple or brown eyes which depend on the artist.

Like Mutsuki, she wear a green-pattern school uniform. Talks and acts maturely than the rest of her sister-ships.

For the 2nd anniversary of Kantai Collection, she, along with Mutsuki, gained a second remodel. They now feature a dark blue jacket with their names (+ Kai Ni) on the sleeves and a crescent moon pin on both the jacket (both at the same place) and the serafuku, now with a red scarf. On their rigging is a flower, like Uzuki and Yayoi, bridging the later design with the earlier one. They also come with a 12.7cm HA Twin gun along with their standard 12cm single gun. This remodel is noted to be completely fictive, however, Kisaragi being the second major warship sunk in the war (and the first amongst those represented in the game). Kisaragi herself has the crescent moon pin on the lower left side of her serafuku. Her flower seems to be a purple Stock.


She is a feminine girl who presumes about how beautiful she is and loves talking in a sexually suggestive tone of voice.

In the anime, Kisaragi is cast as Mutsuki's responsible sibling. In a departure from her in-game incarnation, Kisaragi is far more calmer and levelheaded than Mutsuki. To underscore this, she loses both her sexually suggestive talk and flirty personality, but she retains her feminine demeanor.


  • Sunk December 11, 1941 southwest of Wake Island (18°55′N 166°17′E)
  • Her name means an obsolete designation of "February" in Japan.
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