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Kissy Suzuki is the dueteragonist of 007’s movie You Only Live Twice.

She is an Ama diver agent of England and she has a keen sense of adventure for helping various agents like James Bond.

She was played by Mie Hama.


Kissy is introduced to Bond when he has to go undercover as a local fisherman while investigating the small island of Japan from his employer, Tiger Tanaka for his sense of adventure and his Diver skills. Bond and she initially get married during a wedding ceremony so that Bond can continue his investigation of the various islets of Japan as an undetectable local.

Bond and Kissy eat at her house, where she Kissy makes it clear to Bond that even if they are married, their job is still a "business". That night, Kissy informs Bond and Tanaka that in the local village they are in there is an Ama girl who has mysteriously died in a cave on the mainland that served as an outlet for a nearby volcano, and Bond and Kissy decide to set sail the following day.

The next morning the couple set sail for the cave leaving Matsu Island. As soon as they arrive, they immediately realize that the cave is full of poisonous gases to which the two flee from the boat and swim out of the cave underwater, without getting up until they reach the fresh air. The two of them continue to swim and in the meantime look for clues, they get lost and then meet again immediately to have an intimate moment, which is interrupted by the arrival of a helicopter that is entering the mouth of the volcano, and Kissy tells Bond that that volcano has never been active. Andnado all the way they discover for a good reason why the volcano never erupted, because the roof of the volcano is actually a metal door that leads inside the base of the SPECTER .

Bond breaks into the base, Kissy instead goes on a date with Tanaka, but in that moment while swimming she is attacked by a SPECTER helicopter, with her skills as a diver Ama, she manages to hide very well by being camouflaged underwater . After managing to inform the boss of her, Kissy along with Takana and a group of ninjas break into the SPECTER base and a great battle begins with Bond and against SPECTER. During the battle, Kissy shoots an opponent and saves Takana's life, and there is also a moment when she and Bond reunite and watch the battle.

When Stavro Blofeld detonates explosions that destroy the entire base, Bond and Kissy along with Takana and the other ninjas manage to successfully escape by clearing a path.

They find a raft to escape and witness the explosion of the base like the eruption of a real volcano, and when they are about to enjoy their "honeymoon", they are rescued by the submarine of M .


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