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Kit Cloudkicker is the deuteragonist of TaleSpin. He is Baloo's best friend and partner, and a 12-year old orphan boy.



Before he met Baloo, he was a member of Captain Don Karnage the Jackal's air pirate gang.  After spending a year with the air pirates, Kit claims that he 'got sick of them', and after Don Karnage stole a valuable jewel from Shere Khan, Kit decided to make his move - to take the jewel, leave the pirates and begin a new life. While trying to escape Karnage, he literally runs into Baloo at Louie's place. We get the impression that Kit is fearful and hesitant of trusting adults. But in this same episode, Baloo saves Kit from Karnage, and this appears to be a turning point for Kit. He opens up to Baloo, and begins to trust and admire him. Kit now refers to Baloo as his 'Papa Bear', and loves him like a father.

DuckTales (2017)

Kit Cloudkicker is confirmed to appear in Season 3 of the DuckTales reboot.


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