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Kitty is one of the heroes of Total Drama spin-off Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race and younger sister of Emma.

She was voiced by Stephanie Anne Mills who also voiced Lindsay.


Compared to her competitive and distrustful sister, Kitty prefers to take things slowly and sees the race as a free trip around the world, using this opportunity to enjoy herself. She gets along easily with the other teams and doesn't see them the way her sister does- as competitors. In Emma's point of view, Kitty is a burden and easily distracted. For these reasons, Emma thought her to be immature. However, Kitty proves to her sister that she is anything but worthless as she completes many challenges in the race and even takes on a stricter role when Emma becomes the one who loses focus in the competition. Despite Emma's harsh words in the beginning, Kitty loves her sister very much and is willing to help her win the race and get her into law school. In order to remember the moments she has throughout the Race, Kitty carries around a phone and often takes a selfie wherever she goes, even in dire situations.



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