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Kitty is one of the secondary antagonists who turned as one of the supporting protagonists (alongside Tuesday & Lydia) in the film UglyDolls.

She is voiced by British singer Charli XCX, who also voices Willow from The Angry Birds Movie and in the Latin Dubbing by Katja Martínez, who also played Jazmín Carbajal in Soy Luna.


Kitty is the leader of the Spy Girls, an elite squad of three dolls who work for Lou. 

Like the other Spy Girls, Kitty is a sassy and sarcastic doll. However, out of the three, she is the least sensitive as she doesn't feel bad about upsetting her friends. Kitty has also been shown to enjoy doing impressions of Lou, suggesting that she's less enamored of him than Lydia and Tuesday.


Kitty has rosy fair skin, light pink in low pigtails, and light blue eyes. She wears a prep uniform like the other Perfection dolls. In some scenes, she wears a black bodysuit as a spy. 



Kitty first appears where she notices the UglyDolls arriving in Perfection.  she draws Tuesday and Lydia's attention, and does an impression of Lou of how he would react to seeing the Uglydolls.

Nolan comes over and asks the Spy Girls who Lou is. after Kitty shames him for not knowing, the three of them told him to "Look, Listen, and Lear", gesturing up as Lou appears at the top of the stairs.

Kidnapping Ox

After Lou's song, the Uglydolls start leaving. However, Moxy changes her mind at the last moment and declares that they're staying in Perfection and going to the Big World.

After sending the Uglydolls of with Mandy, Lou tasks the Spy Girls with kidnapping Ox from Uglyville.

The Spy Girls sneak into Uglyville at night. On the way to kidnap Ox, Lydia and Tuesday find out that Kitty stole Lydia's earring, and Tuesday's lipstick and watch. Though upset, the two admit that they look good on her.

When they reach to Ox's house, they throw a grappling hook into his window to climb up. Instead, the rope gets tangled on Ox out the window and into there sack. Ox tries to run away by using his ears, but he gets knocked out by a rake and falls over. Ox tries to run away by using his ears only to be knocked out by a rake. The Spy Girls return him to Lou's house, where they find out that Ox and Lou have a history together.

Kidnapping Mandy and Moxy

The Gauntlet


Abilities and Skils



  • Kitty appears to be right-handed
  • While all the perfection dolls have the same hairstyle and hair color, Kitty, Tuesday, and Mandy are the only three dolls who have different hairstyles and hair colors.
    • Kitty has pink hair that is tied in pigtails
    • Tuesday has short light blue hair that has bangs hanging over her eyebrows
    • Mandy is shown to have darkish-pink hair that is tied in a single bun
  • Kitty has a habit of stealing things like:
    • Lydia (earrings)
    • Tuesday's lip gloss and watch