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Wait, Sir Fortesq... Dan... You freed me from my Tomb, do not imprison me in another.
~ Kiya to Dan.

Princess Kiya, also simply known as Kiya, is the female deuteragonist of MediEvil 2. She is Sir Daniel Fortesque's love interest.

She was voiced by Melanie Hudson.


Kiya is a mummified Egyptian Princess who was supposed to be married to Rameses II. Unfortunately, he died before the marriage and she was chosen to accompany him in the afterlife.

Later on, in the 18th century, Sir Dan found her tomb inside the Old Museum in Kensington, and freed her. She fell in love with Sir Dan after he rescued her again from Jack the Ripper.

At the end of the game, after Lord Palethorn is defeated, she either goes back in time with Dan to Gallowmere and both are attacked by a Palethorn headed Zarok monster or they go back to Kiya’s tomb and buried along with Sir Dan by her side.




  • In the rejected pitch for MediEvil 3: Fate's Arrow on PlayStation 2, it would have been revealed that Princess Kiya was actually an evil sorceress named Kiyante who was using Sir Dan to travel back in time so she could alter history with the help of Zarok. However, as the game was never made, this information could be considered non-canon to the series.

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