Kiyan is the main protagonist of the mobile RPG game Inotia 4: Assassin of Berkel and a fellow tribe member of the shadow tribe.

Physical appearance

Kiyan is young man who around 18 years old. He has sliver hair and light blue eyes. He wears a dark outfit with a single pauldron and and wears a red scarf and has a necklace around his neck. His right hand has a black hand while the left hand is bandaged. And he also a tattoo that is part of the shadow tribe on his left arm.


Kiyan is blunt, cold, cocky, merciless towards others outside of the Shadow tribe. But, he shows kindness towards Eara the channel of light. Later in the game, he grows kinder and shows more concern to others.


He was shown in the beginning having a dream and a knight calls for him that sir Darius needs him. Darius requests to get rid of the Earl Grafton. He headed to woods and met the Berkel soldiers. They recognized his uniform and he part of the shadow tribe and he started kill them and learned about the information of the Earl he’s looking for. In the cave, was a beautiful young woman in a white dress and blonde haired male elf heading inside a cave to run away from the soldiers. Kiyan destroys a barricade in order to in the cave to go kill the Earl. He began to fight with the Earl and his men and after the fight, he met the channel and calls her too skinny for his taste which had insulted her and she begs Kiyan not to kill her and drop the weapon and later Kiyan leaves her and Shin found her safe. Kiyan reported to Darius that mission was successful and he took some rest.

The next day, Darius told Kiyan have a disguise. A woman named Portia came to his room and talked about a disguise to join the knights of Berkel. He gathered the materials for Portia and she made the disguise for him and Kiyan talked to Cardinal Janus about his destination. His destination a desert castle: Arnen castle which located is at Hakan desert.

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