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Klaus Von Hertzon in a supporting charter in Bakugan. He was one of the top Brawlers in the world which led to him Julio Santana, Chan Lee, Billy Gilbert, and Komba O'Charlie to get brainwashed by Masquerade and oppose the Brawlers. After losing to Dan Kuso, Runo Misaki, and Marucho Marukura, he breaks free and helps the Brawlers whenever needed. He Brawls with his guardian Bakugan, Aquos Sirenoid.


He is a young man with a very formal look. He is also shown to be business-savvy as in Bakugan: New Vestroia, he sets up a time share on Vestal and aids Dr. Michael Gehabich with his Dimensional Transporter by providing funding for it.


Bakugan Battle Brawlers

He first appeared when he and the other top ranked Brawlers met in a mansion. They have a battle royal with everyone performing decently. Masquerade shows up and takes them to meet Naga, where they get brainwashed by the energy of the Silent Core. He then tells them to beat the Battle Brawlers. He meets Marucho Marukura and becomes his rival due to the fact he sent Preyas to the Doom Dimension in their first battle. Later, after Billy and Komba are freed from Naga's brainwashing and leave them, he fights Dan, Runo, and Marucho alongside his remaining brainwashed teammates, Julio and Chan Lee, where he showed that he obtained Preyas from the Doom Dimension. He over used Preyas to make Marucho upset, eventually losing him to Marucho due to Runo's Ability Card, Pure Light. After that, he decides to use a Mind Ghost to send Preyas back to the Doom Dimension, however Marucho is able to save him using the Dive Mirage Ability. Thus, he loses his Griffon to the Doom Dimension. They lose when Marucho activates the Fire, Water, Light Triple Node and Runo's Cut-in-Saber Ability Card, making Drago evolve into Delta Dragonoid II, which defeats Sirenoid, Fourtress, and Tentaclear, and frees Klaus, Chan, and Julio from Naga's brainwashing. After that, Masquerade battles Klaus and Sirenoid to make Hydranoid evolve, having already beat Julio, Chan, Billy, and Komba, sending their guardian Bakugan in Tentaclear, Fourtress, Cycloid, and Harpus to the Doom Dimension. Sirenoid attempts a kamikaze move with her ability card, but Masquerade and Hydranoid outsmart her, allowing Hydranoid to evolve into Dual Hydranoid, and send Sirenoid to the Doom Dimension. However, after the Battle Brawlers defeat the Six Ancient Warriors, per their agreement, Apollonir and the others return the Brawlers and all the Bakugan to Earth, reuniting Klaus with Sirenoid.

Some time later, Klaus is back at his castle with Sirenoid when they are met by Alice Gehabich, who reveals that she and Masquerade were one and the same. When Alice begins to suffer a panic attack over the evil acts she committed as Masquerade and vows never to Brawl or have anything to do with Bakugan again, Klaus takes it upon himself to force her into a Brawl, initially making it look like he wanted vengeance against her for Masquerade sending Sirenoid to the Doom Dimension previously. In reality, he was simply showing her how the six Attributes need to work in harmony with each other. His efforts help Alice overcome her fear of becoming Masquerade again and reignite her Brawler spirit, resulting in when Alice visits him again later, she asks for his help to travel to Vestroia to help Dan and the others against Naga. Klaus flies her to the portal to Vestroia, where she leaps and skydives down toward the portal, summoning Masquerade's mask and transforming into him one last time to help Dan and Drago with Alpha Hydranoid.

Later, when the Brawlers are trapped in Vestroia while Naga lays siege to Wardington to find Wavern and the Infinity Core, Klaus steps up to help defend Wavern with Sirenoid, along with all the other top ranked Brawlers and other allies that the Battle Brawlers befriended. Once the Brawlers make it safely back to Earth, Klaus teams with Alice and Christopher to face the Subterra/Haos hybrid Rabeeder, who soon goes ballistic on them over fear and concern for her sister Tricloid after learning of her defeat by Billy and Julie. Though Rabeeder is defeated and reunited with Tricloid, deciding to defect from Naga's forces and return to Vestroia, Klaus is unable to stop Alice when she runs off after seeing her grandfather, unaware it was his dark self, Hal-G, luring her into leading him right to Wavern. Klaus later assists Dan and Runo against Centorrior and Druman, Naga's Darkus/Pyrus hybrids, and bears witness when the Battle Brawlers take down Naga once and for all, and Drago gains possession of both the Silent and Infinity Cores. Afterwards, Klaus bids farewell to Sirenoid as she returns to Vestroia with the rest of the Bakugan.

Bakugan: New Vestroia

Some time after learning of the events on New Vestroia with the Bakugan Battle Brawlers Resistance preventing the colonization of the Bakugan home world by the Vexos from Vestal, Klaus was able to provide funding to Dr. Michael, Alice's grandfather, to help perfect his Dimensional Transporter. When it was able to successfully teleport human beings, Klaus traveled to Vestal, after stopping by New Vestroia to pick up Sirenoid, and set up a time share there. While enjoying Vestal, he soon had Sirenoid return to combat with aiding Ace Grit and his guardian Bakugan against Vexos member Mylene Farrow, who had arrived with her mechanical Bakugan Macubass to attain Exedra's Darkus energy that he had granted to Ace's guardian Bakugan to keep it from falling into the Vexos' hands to power King Zenoheld's Bakugan Termination (BT) System. Thanks to Klaus and Sirenoid, Mylene is defeated, but reveals that she knows all about Klaus, Sirenoid, and their previous battles with Naga and his forces, and promises to return for the Darkus energy before retreating. Concerned about that, Klaus contacts the Brawlers back on Earth to warn them of the encounter he had with Mylene on Vestal, and worried about Alice, sends Chan Lee to protect her. Unfortunately, Dr. Michael's lab is damaged, rendering the Dimensional Transporter out of action for the time being. Nevertheless, Klaus had taken steps for any situations the Brawlers may have had to face while battling the Vexos on Earth, Vestal, or New Vestroia.


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