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Hoborg: What is your name?

Klaymen: Klaymen!

~ Klaymen saying his name to Hoborg, one of the few lines he says.
~ Klaymen.

Klaymen is the main protagonist of the point and click game The Neverhood, its sequel Skullmonkey and a secret character in Boombots.

Hes a clay creature who lives in The Neverhood with his buddy Willie Trombone, one day he explores the whole world with Willie as they try to defeat Klogg, the villain of the game.

He was voiced by Ed Schofield. He's mute aside from grunts and screams. Despite not saying alot. He does however say his name to Hoborg in the good ending and Word!


The titular Neverhood is a surreal landscape dotted with buildings and other hints of life, all suspended above an endless void. However, the Neverhood itself is bizarrely deserted, with its only inhabitants being Klaymen, Willie Trombone, Klogg, and various fauna that inhabit the Neverhood such as weasels or crab creatures. Much of the game's background information is limited to the 'Hall Of Records' which is notorious for its length, taking several minutes to travel from one end of the hall to the other.

The game begins with Klaymen waking up in a room and exploring the Neverhood, collecting various discs appearing to contain a disjointed story narrated by Willie. As Klaymen travels the Neverhood, he occasionally crosses paths with Willie, who agrees to help him in his journey, while Klogg spies on them from afar. Eventually, Klaymen's quest directs him to Klogg's castle, and for this Klaymen enlists the help of Big Robot Bil, a towering automaton and a friend of Willie's.

As Bil marches to Klogg's castle, Klogg unleashes his guardian, the Clockwork Beast, to intercept Bil. The two giants clash and Bil proves victorious, but as he forces open the castle door for Klaymen to enter, Klogg gravely injures Bil by firing a cannon at him. Klaymen manages to get in, but Bil loses his footing and falls into the void with Willie still inside. Alone in Klogg's castle, Klaymen finds the last of Willie's discs, revealing the full context of his tale; the Neverhood itself is the creation of a godlike being named Hoborg, who created the Neverhood in the hopes of making himself happy. Realizing that he was still alone, Hoborg creates himself a companion by planting a seed into the ground, which grows into Klogg. As Hoborg welcomes Klogg to the Neverhood, the latter tries to take Hoborg's crown, which Hoborg forbids Klogg from doing. Envious, Klogg manages to steal Hoborg's crown, rendering Hoborg inert in the process, and the crown's energies disfigure Klogg. With Hoborg lifeless, any further development of the Neverhood ground to a halt.

Having witnessed this, Willie discovers that Hoborg was about to plant a seed to create another companion. Willie takes the seed and plants it far away from Klogg, with Willie hoping that whoever grew from the seed would defeat Klogg. That seed in turn grew into Klaymen. The story ends with Willie giving Klaymen the throne room key through the terminal screen, hoping that Klaymen knows what to do once he confronts Klogg. Afterwards, Klaymen manages to enter the throne room, with Klogg and a motionless Hoborg waiting for him. Klogg tries to dissuade Klaymen from reviving Hoborg by tempting him with Hoborg's crown.

Bad Ending

If the player chooses to take the crown for himself, Klogg gloats at his apparent victory, only for the crown to disfigure Klaymen similarly to Klogg. The now-villanous Klaymen overpowers Klogg and declares himself the new tyrannical ruler of the Neverhood.

Good Ending

If the player chooses to revive Hoborg, Klaymen distracts Klogg and manages to put the crown atop Hoborg's head, reviving him. As Hoborg thanks Klaymen, Klogg attempts to ambush them both, only to set off his own cannon which blasts him out of the castle and into the void. Returning to the building where Klaymen first started, Hoborg continues populating the Neverhood and orders a celebration when he is finished. However, Klaymen remains sorrowful over the loss of Willie and Bil, and Hoborg decides to use his powers to save Willie and Bil, and the game ends with Hoborg telling Klaymen "Man, things are good".


Klaymen has a rather bizzare appearance. He has long legs and arms, the right arm having brown fingers. He has brown short pants and a red t-shirt with 3 white dots. He then has red lips and a strange brown straw thingy on his head.


Klaymen is a mysterious and a dimwitted creature, hes however selfless and a chosen one who cares for Willie and Bil. 


  • Klaymen and other important characters were not actually animated via traditional claymation. They were mostly made out of painted latex figurines housing a brass armature. This lent them the needed stability and also kept them from deforming too much and possibly falling apart or melting, which would have happened to traditional clay models. 
  • In Japan, the game is known as, "Klaymen Klaymen."
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