Klinker, Incorporated are a Mixel tribe in Mixels. They look very robotic and have a steampunk theme.

As of late, the company has died due to lack of interest. However, the Klinkers still live in their town to this day, determined to get back on top. Their symbol is a large golden wheel.


The Klinkers are like Mixels from another age — the Steam Age. They are all about power, mechanics, and taking action.


  • Gox: A royal-treated leader of the Klinkers that has a rotating eye and a golden mustache.
  • Jinky: An aging heavy metal star with long arms and walks like a living boiling room.
  • Kamzo: A worked up member with his rotating wrenched left hand.


  • Tyecoon: A background Klinker.
  • Principal: Knave, the principal of Mixopolis Middle School.
  • Koggpact, Gajet and Steelven: A background Klinkers.
  • Steemur: A bully attending Mixopolis Middle School.


  • Their leader is Gox.
  • Their name comes from "clink", the sound that metal makes when hit.
  • Like the Infernites, Frosticons, Glorp Corp, Orbitons and Weldos, they are the primary tribe of their series.
  • They are the first robotic Mixel tribe, the second being the Weldos.
    • They are the least organic-looking of the Mixels, being more mechanical.
  • They are the second brown-colored tribe; the first being the Fang Gang.
  • They are the second grey-colored tribe; the first being the Cragsters.
  • Gox has the most grey and the least brown, whereas, Kamzo has the least grey and the most brown.
  • They are the third Mixel tribe to have gold highlights, the first being the Cragsters and the second being the Orbitons.
  • They are the second Mixel tribe to have silver highlights, the first being the Spikels.
  • The shortest member is Kamzo and the tallest is Jinky.
  • All members of this tribe have different eye pieces.
    • Gox is the only cycloptic member.
  • None of them have an opening mouth in LEGO form.
  • They all have unique hands.
  • All of them have underbites.
  • They all have four LEGO Mixes and Murps each.
  • They make metal creaking and hydraulic hissing noises when they move, possibly hinting that they are robotic.
  • They appear to be elder Mixels, as Gox mentions that they were better and sleeker in their heydays of the past.
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