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Klofange is the minor supporting character from the Xiaolin Showdown episode, "Screams of the Siren". He was an ancient warrior who was hunting the mermaid Dyris from flooding the world to rule it.


Klofange dedicated his life to hunt down the mermaid Dyris, in order to save the world from her evil conquest. However, during a conflict in a frozen tundra, the iceberg collapsed, burying both the hunter and the prey and freezing them both. One day a skirmish between forces of good and evil freed both Klofange and Dyris from their icy prisons, beginning Klofange's hunt for the mermaid once more.


At the first glance, Klofange is violent and ruthless since his first appearance has him shoot explosives at Dyris when the Xiaolin Dragons just saved her from the freezing water. But later, he reveals himself as a good guy who is trying to stop the evil mermaid (Dyris) from flooding the entire world.


  • Weapons: Klofange holds an display of different weapons in his arsenal:
    • Wrist Bombs: The manacle on his left arm catapults four small, round, explosive bombs.
    • Wrist Bolas: The manacle on his right arm fires a three-part bolas to ensnare opponents.
    • Telescope: A small but effective spyglass for seeing long distances away.
    • Multi-Staff: Klofange's strongest weapon at it contains multiple functions:
      • Tripoon: Three white pointed parts make up the prongs of the Tripoon, and is the main meleee weapon for Klofange.
      • Net: A small net fires from the center of the Tripoon; is used for capturing enemies or immobilizing down opponents.
      • Spiked Bombs: Small, spike-covered bombs can be fired out of the center of the Tripoon.


  • Monks: Though initially enemies, the monks eventually learned Klofange was on their side, trying to destroy the evil Dyris, after which he joined up with the monks to hunt the mermaid down.
  • Dyris: This mermaid is Klofange's archenemy, and the two have been trying to destroy the other for an unknown amount of time before being unfrozen in the present time.
  • Jack Spicer: Jack took a liking to Klofange upon first seeing him, believing him to be a villain after witnessing his attack on Dyris. Klofange did not care for Jack or the boy's desire to steal Shen Gong Wu, as he was fixated on finding and destroying the mermaid. Klofange and Jack's forces later stage an assault on the Xiaolin Temple, which is where Klofange reveals his true alignment, leaving Jack in shock that the hunter was really a good guy all along.


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