"I'll make mincemeat out of that mouse!"
~ Klondike Kat
Klondike Kat always gets his mouse.
~ Klondike Kat

Klondike Kat

Klondike Kat is an anthropomorphic wildcat mountie.


Klondike is always in pursuit of Savoir-Faire, a French-Canadian mouse who constantly steals food and is known for his catch phrase, "Savoir-Faire is everywhere!" Savoir-Faire is accompanied by his sled dog Malamutt, who at times, plays the violin as well as the piano, and has ears that he can detect trouble outside, when Klondike Kat is in its presence. Malamutt's only sound is a whimper,as well as a growl.

Klondike Kat lives in Fort Frazzle and answers to the British Canadian commanding officer Major Minor.

Klondike, though well-meaning, is naturally incompetent and usually causes more trouble than Savoir-Faire in trying to stop him ("I'll make mincemeat out of that mouse!"); yet, at the end of almost each episode, Klondike would "get his mouse" somehow ("Klondike Kat always gets his mouse.").

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