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SUPERHEROES, WHOSE MISSION WAS TO KEEP AN EYE ON THE FRENCH STUDENTS, AND YOU FAILED IT!!! You're forbidden to take part in the hunts for Techno-Pirate! You're NOT ready to fly the nest!
~ Barbara to the heroes.

Barbara Keynes also known as Knightowl is a character in "Miraculous New York". She is the mother of Jessica Keynes who also became her sidekick.

She is voiced by Anairis Quinones. As Knightowl, she is voiced by Imari Williams.


Physical Appearance

Barbara is a tall woman. Barbara has a hair which is in pixie cut and black in color. She wears a black eyeshadow. Her eyebrows are thin and she wears red lipstick.

Civilian Attire

Barbara wears a black suede coat of with flared sleeves. Her collar covers almost her whole neck. Her coat has twelve silver buttons with six in each row. Barbara fastens her coat with a belt which is on her waist. She wears black tight pants and black high boots which are knee deep. Her whole looks are complemented by black gloves.

As Knightowl

Knightowl wears a huge coat with the accent of brown and purple color. Her mask resembles like that of an owl her eyes are green and eyebrows are stylised into that of an owl's. Her mask has a voice modulator so that she can hide her true gender. Her whole suit resembles like that of a muscular man.


Knightowl is serious, irritable, and straightforward. Saving others in danger is important to her, which makes her frustrated and stern towards anyone who doesn't take the task as seriously, jokes around, or disobeys orders. Preferring solid, perfect plans without a chance of failing, Knightowl doesn't like questionable or risky suggestions, having little faith in them if they're not based on strong evidence or reasoning. Sometimes, she is willing to put her stubbornness aside to try alternate options and work together with people she doesn't agree with.

She likes to take the lead and is good at commanding a team. While she can get impatient with others, Knightowl takes them seriously and gives them clear, strong orders to follow. Tending toward a negative disposition, she judges others harshly and tends to bluntly give her opinion of them without consideration. However, Knightowl is experienced, thus knowing the dangers of her job, and calming new fellow superheroes in difficult situations. She also has a softer side, laughing with Majestia and Sparrow about Ladybug and Cat Noir's budding romance.

When freed from her code of ethics, similar to Rogercop; Barbara punished everyone she saw of every little wrong thing they did.

When proven wrong she can be gentle and humble when admitting her mistakes about the young heroes as well as being open to changes.



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