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Reactionary forces are inbound, we got ya covered. Now take the doctor and move out while you can.
~ Knox's first words to Mitchell in the game.
No, it's Manticore. We've got to pull back, get everyone out!
~ Knox's last words.

Lieutenant Knox is a supporting character from the 2014 first person shooter, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. He was friends with Jack Mitchell, Ilona, Gideon, and Cormack, and a member of Sentinel Task Force. Just like Will Irons and Cormack, his death was sad as Atlas Corporation killed him, using manticore.

He was voiced by Khary Payton, who also voices Cyborg in numerous media, also voiced Aqualad in Young Justice, and portrays Ezekiel in The Walking Dead.


Advanced Warfare

Knox joined Sentinel Task Force, and was the lieutenant under Major Cormack, who were tasked to stop the KVA after they caused murder and destruction. In Detroit, Knox and sentinels operatives save Atlas operators Jack Mitchell and Gideon from being killed by KVA soldiers. Knox revealed himself, and gave the two and Joker cover fire as they escaped with Dr. Pierre Danois.

After Mitchell and Ilona defect from Atlas, Knox and Cormack team with them in Operation Lone Wolf to gain info on "Manticore". At Irons' estate, the team discover that Manticore is a chemical weapon, and Cormack and Mitchell set a tracker on a carrier. Cormack, Mitchell and Ilona succeed in destroying the Manticore carrier, and getting cases with the aid of Gideon, who defected.

Knox joins Cormack, Mitchell and Gideon in destroying Irons' bio lab that held Manticore, and escape on a hovertank, but Irons later declares war on all of the world governments. Knox aids Mitchell and Gideon in stopping Atlas in San Francisco, but the group fails to stop them from destroying the Golden Gate Bridge. After the countless deaths in San Francisco, Knox and Cormack meet with Mitchell and Gideon to stop Atlas from destroying the fleet.

After doing so, Knox asks what's next, and Cormack tells him, Mitchell and Gideon that Irons will be put down. In 2061, Knox worked with the team and the Sentinel Task Force in attacking Atlas headquarters in New Baghdad. During the battle, Manticore was unleashed on Sentinel, and Knox was one of the many infected with the chemical weapon. Knox rejects Gideon's offer to be help, and tells Mitchell, Gideon and Ilona to leave the area before dying. It's presumed that his body was taken to the Atlas prison to be studied.



  • He is similar to Gaz from the Modern Warfare series:
    • Both are the second to their leaders (Captain Price and Cormack).
  • In the mission "Sentinel", Knox gives Mitchell the stolen fingerprints of David Greer, who looks very similar to Knox.
    • It was also believed that Knox's real name was "David Greer" because of this.