Kocia (aka.Red Hunter Kocia) is the silent protagonist of the web series Daystone, the infamous member of an organization known as the Red Hunters, her mission is to collect special gems known as "daystones".


Kocia is a female feline humanoid with grey fur and green eyes, she wears a red shirt and pants(possibly related to her organization name), brown boots and a glove which posses some kind of mechanism used to locate daystones, she is always seen carrying a Zweihander sword.


Kocia is a silent protagonist never speaking or making sounds even when surprised or in pain, she seems overconfident and arrogant never taking any situation seriously what constantly result on letting her guard down putting her in dangerous situations and giving her opponents an opportunity to strike. 


Kocia display several feats of superhuman strength, speed, durability and reflexes through the series, she is shown to be a quite competent fighter and explorer by casually walking around areas considered too dangerous to average individuals and by getting more and more famous(and infamous) through her numerous successful missions, she also seems to be a pretty skilled swordswoman being able to easily block and deflect energy attacks at episode 2.

The series author Vanripper drew her being able to summon a giant golem through her sword and control it to follow her orders, however she is not shown using this ability in the series so far.

Ds wall 08 by vanripper dcwss2z-fullview

Kocia summoning Scarlet Krystal Golem

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