Koda is a member of Dino Charge Rangers in Power Rangers Dino Charge and Super Dino Charge. Unlike the rest of his friends, he is a one hundred-thousand-year old caveman.


According to himself, Koda was born in the middle of a mammoth hunt because his mother could not make it back to their cave in time. The first to find an Energem, Koda achieved resistance to aging, enabling him to still live in the present time, outliving his family. Today, his caveman ways make him a fish-out-of-water ever since after he sacrificed himself saving his younger brother from a sabertooth tiger and Fury's attacks, causing him to fall into an ice-filled ocean, freezing him for 100,000 years.

Kendall Morgan and Chase Randall, who were on the mission to uncovered energems, discovered his body and thawed it, where it's revealed that the energem he bonded with resulting him gained biological immortality and capability to survive in ice. Since then, Koda worked for them as assistant and new Ranger member.


Koda is best described as a young man who is fiercely loyal, got a heart of gold, and is as strong as an ox. Due to his more primitive background and education compared with his friends and present-day family, Koda usually eats with his fingers, prefers to wore sandal than boots, sees no benefit in combing his hair, and is not as smart as other Rangers. But his said education and background are what made his survival instincts sharper than any of his friends. At first, he was afraid of a lot of modern technology that he was unfamiliar with, including the Dino Cycles that should give him advantage in term of transportation. He later overcame some of this fear and began learning to ride a tricycle, as well as overcoming his trauma from being iced again, as being frozen with ice is what caused him separated from his original family.

Because he worked on adapting the new era he is in now, Koda usually speaks English in a very simplistic diction.


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