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Kodiak (known as Kodi) is the son of Balto and Jenna, the brother of Aleu and the deuteragonist in Balto III: Wings of Change, where he has a job as a local mail-dog. Kodi also had a cameo in Wolf Quest as one of the puppies that is adopted.

He is voiced by Sean Astin also voiced Chester and Raphael.


Unlike his sister, Kodi mainly takes after his mother. His fur is dark red with a sandy underbelly. He has a white stripe that goes from between his eyes to the tip of his nose. This most likely comes from Balto as he has dark fur.


Kodi has appeared to display a similar personality to Balto. Kodi has a strong sense of duty and responsibility, but also has his faults (such as allowing Balto to attempt a rescue mission into the Alaskan frontier alone for the sake of keeping his job). He remains fiercely loyal to his friends. Going to such heights such as forsaking his family's wishes to keep them content. He is also laid-back and cool-headed.

He has a strong drive and passion for sled racing and wishes to push himself to the limits due to events in his childhood, where he was physically the weakest of the entire litter (obviously the runt of the litter). Shares a strong bond with his father due again to his childhood experiences and is extremely proud to be his son.


  • His name may be in reference to the Kodiak Islands, off the coast of Alaska. Unlike Aleu, he and all of the other pups have no knowledge of their wolf ancestry.