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Some nights, I dream about the mists of Sovngarde
~ Kodlak Whitemane

Yes but it's no easy matter. But you don't need to share the worries of an old warrior.
~ Kodlak Whitemane

Kodlak Whitemane is a Nord Harbinger of the Companions in Whiterun in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. As Harbinger he does not give orders but his word is highly respected in Jorrvaskr and across all nine holds of Skyrim. He plays an influential role in the Companions' questline.


It is mentioned in his journal that he dreamed that he and the previous Harbingers before him were denied access to Shor's Hall in Sovegarde, they were then all claimed by Hircine and made hunt for him for eternity, except for him. When it was his turn for his wolf spirit to attack Tsun and be claimed by Hircine, an unknown individual steps in and prevents this from happening. Ever since that dream, Kodlak began to hope he would encounter the said person in actually, and eventually it pays off. When the Dovahkiin requests to join the Companions, he automatically accepts them despite Vilkas's protest, for one thing: The Dragonborn IS the person who saved him in his dream.

Eventually, Kodlak grows much more pleased by the Dragonborns abilities as a Companion as the quest line progresses, and soon he makes a request to send him/her to snatch a witch's decapitated head to cleanse his wolf spirit so that he can gain access to Sovngarde when he dies. Unfortunately, when they return, they learn that the Silver Hand secretly attacked Jorrvaskr and killed Kodlak.

The remaining members of the Circle decide to make the long journey to Ysgramor's tomb and cleanse his spirit as his final wish. After they succeed, Kodlak's spirit thanks the Dragonborn for their actions, and declares them as the new Harbinger, before he disappears, apparently ascending to Sovngarde.

Afterwards, when the Dragonborn visits Sovngarde at the end of the main quest line. They can encounter his spirit him in the Nordic afterlife. When facing off against Alduin, he may join in to assist the Dragonborn in defeating the World-Eater once and for all.


I work to bring honor to this family, and the family that I lost. For my mother, my father and my grandfather. For all my Shield-Siblings. Family and honor.
~ Kodlak Whitemane
Glory in battle, honor in life. Deal with problems head on.
~ Kodlak Whitemane
For honor!
~ Kodlak Whitemane
It is a burden to bear. But we can overcome.
~ Kodlak Whitemane
That's the spirit.
~ Kodlak Whitemane
Don't feel like you need to show off for are sake.
~ Kodlak Whitemane
That's why it's best not to mistake foolhardiness for bravery
~ Kodlak
Control the rage don't let it control you.
~ Kodlak
Brave hearts beat lesser ones
~ Kodlak
Don't worry about such things worry about your own honor.
~ Kodlak


  • Kodlak's name is mostly likely drawn from the word "vukolak" or "vlkolak" which means "werewolf" in some Slavic languages such as Bosnian, Croatian, Czech, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Montenegrin.


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