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Inspector Zenigata (銭形警部 Zenigata-keibu), full name Kōichi Zenigata (銭形 幸一 Zenigata Kōichi) is the supporting character of Lupin III. He is an incredibly talented, yet often bumbling police officer who dedicates his life to capture Lupin III.


Inspector Zenigata is the cop who is dedicated to his job. He intends to capture the evasive Lupin III. Likewise, Zenigata makes it his goal to make the city a better place for humanity by reducing crime rate.


Zenigata appears to be in good physical shape for his age; his proficiency in Judo and Karate have been revealed many times, with him able to dispatch multiple attackers with minimal effort. He's also capable with a jitte, the traditional Japanese police weapon designed to counter sword attacks. Other skills include his marksmanship with his weapon of choice, a Colt .45 automatic pistol, and an almost inhuman skill with throwing handcuffs, tossing them in a bola-like manner at his prey.

Zenigata is usually presented in the anime as clumsy and drawing hasty conclusions, but equally he is depicted with extremely efficient detective skills. As a first class manhunter, Lupin's upcoming capers are usually predicted by Zenigata based on his prey's behavior, habits, and information about Lupin's research.

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