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Koji Kabuto (Kabuto Kôji), also written as Kouji Kabuto, is a fictional character featured in the works of manga artist Go Nagai. He is the main character of the Super Robot series Mazinger Z and pilots the title robot. He reappears in the sequel Great Mazinger and helps battle the Mikene Empire. He also features in UFO Robo Grendizer as Duke Fleed's friend and sidekick/The Lancer.

Kouji was a Ordinary High-School Student who lived with his little brother Shiro and his grandfather Juzo after their parents' death. All of it changed when he was sixteen and his grandfather was murdered by Dr. Hell. Dr. Kabuto revealed Mazinger Z to him and requested him to save the world from Dr. Hell. Kouji vowed he would avenge his grandfather's death and fulfill his last wish.

Kouji was an atypical main character back then: although he was a mostly good person, he might be rude, insensitive and even somewhat of a jerkass when he was angry, sexist and the poster boy for Idiot Hero given his tendencies to be loudmouthed, talking without thinking, acting BEFORE and INSTEAD of thinking and being very hotheaded and stubborn. However he was also compassionate, caring, friendly, self-sacrificing, cared greatly for his friends and fought for them-– even though he constantly teased Sayaka and Boss— and he was utterly hot-blooded.



Powers and Abilities

Rocket Fists - The user is capable of detaching their fists from their bodies and launching them at opponents from a distance.

Giant Robot Manipulation - User can control giant robots, mechas, mechs and the like to do their bidding or fight for them as well as empathize and communicate with them.

Download - 

The user can download anything, including energy, data, matter, etc. from anywhere and nowhere. They can download new materials, new information and even new powers out of nothing.

If the user possesses powers that take time to reach full strength, this power can help speed up the process. This power can gather the energies and organize them into the form of a process bar to help reach completion.

This power can even measure exact amounts of energies, substances, materials or other matters to be absorbed by the user (Ex. A hypodermic needle inserting a certain, measured amount of a drug).

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