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Greetings lost children. I am Professor Kokonoe, genius scientist and ruler of the Sector Seven laboratory. ... Well, OK, we aren't in the lab at the moment. This place can sort of be temporarily moved into the Boundary. Well, simply put, it's a mysterious room. A room where you can do anything you want. To be honest, it's a paradise for all those sad, little lost children who couldn't make it to the true ending. A sort of Avalon. If you're one of those nutbars who's all "I don't need help" or "I only want to unlock hidden stuff" or "I'll just look for a flowchart online," then you can piss off... Very well. Lost child of the day. You may enter.
~ Professor Kokonoe, in the opening scene.

Kokonoe is a heroine from BlazBlue. She is a scientist at Sector Seven, as well as an important supporting character. In Continuum Shift, Kokonoe hosts her own omake series alongside Litchi's, called Help Me, Professor Kokonoe!. She is set to be a playable character in Chronophantasma's console version.

She is voiced by Chie Matsuura in the Japanese version, and by Julie Ann Taylor in the English version.


As Tager's and formerly Litchi's superior, Kokomoe is one of the top scientists at Sector Seven who pulled out Hakumen from the Boundary (though not "fully") and, when he flees, sends Tager to retrieve him. In the second game she's the one behind Lambda's "resurrection" and then commands her to do field work. In the third game she is the one behind Celica's "resurrection". She also makes Minerva and assigns her as Celica's custodian. Aside from that, she becomes more active in the story as she now goes out of her lab.


Kokonoe appears as a fairly young adult catgirl with a slim build. Her eyes are a golden-amber with visible bags under them, due to working overtime in her lab. She has pink hair which she keeps tied in a specialized style consisting of a long ponytail backing up longer tufts resembling large cat ears, which tend to overshadow her actual animal-like ears, which fade into white at the tip. Her attire consists of an altered, scientist version of the usual Kaka jacket with a white coloration. A hole at the lower base provides room for her twin, cat-like tails. She also wears a pair of small spectacles, and is never without her trademark lollipop.


Kokonoe is a rather serious and cynical woman with no regard for emotions, and always strives for Tager to complete his missions without fail. However, despite her seemingly constant spiteful nature, she tends to act very motherly towards her creations, and she sometimes goes a little over-the-top with the upgrades she does to them if she's in a good mood, which is somewhat rare. She wants revenge on Terumi for what he did to her family.


Her Drive, Graviton, lets her put a device on the arena that generates gravitational fields, that can either hold the opponent in place or repel them away, as well as controlling the direction which her fireball attacks go. Her Overdrive is Graviton Rage, which reduces the amount of Graviton gauge consumed from her drive attacks. Her Drive used to utilize a special gauge above her super meter, but this was changed to a stock system in Extend for balancing purposes. She now has a set number of Gravitons she can call out at one time.




  • Kokonoe's birthday, April 18, is Invention Day.
  • During an interview for Chrono Phantasma, Jubei, Saya, and her were hinted to be playable characters in the home console version of the game.
  • Kokonoe's Guilty Gear counterpart perhaps may be Crow: both are great minded scientists (Kokonoe reviving Tager, and Crow producing the Robo-Ky series). They also have humorous moments with their creations (I.E. Golden Tager with Kokonoe, while Crow and Robo-Ky constantly argue with each other). There is, however, more emotion between Kokonoe and Tager, while there is more strife between Crow and the Robo-Ky series; to that end, Crow's Robo-Ky (Ky), Roboemkin (Potemkin), and Robo-Justice (Justice) are mimicked onto Mecha-Tager (Iron Tager), Silver Hakumen/Silver Samurai (Hakumen), and Mecha-Tao (Taokaka).
    • Kokonoe also is the BlazBlue counterpart to Baiken from Guilty Gear: She has the same bad temper, the same short attention span, and the same rough speech. She's also on a similar mission: to get revenge on the person that killed her mother, much like Baiken's quest to kill "That Man" in revenge for her parents' murders. Hakumen even goes so far as to say that Kokonoe is the incarnation of vengeance itself. On the physical side, she has the same sort of high ponytail as Baiken, including her pink haircolor being similar. She hasn't inherited Baiken's chest size however, though she does seem to have an oral fixation, much like Baiken's constant pipe smoking.
  • Kokonoe could be the most perverse (or at very least foul mouthed) out of the entire cast. During Rachel's gag ending in Continuum Shift, Kokonoe lists out an almost impressively long description of what she'll do to Ragna (whom she was smitten with because of the Spectacles of Eros Ragna had on) that are all bleeped out with some of the names of Ragna's attacks. Also in Teach Me, Miss Litchi! (Calamity Trigger version), Kokonoe even said that she would put a rocket mechanism on his "GIGANTIC TAGER!"/"GAUNTLET HADES" (a blatant reference to between his legs).
  • In Rachel's's "gag" ending, after Bang's exclamation, Kokonoe mentioned it as it were "a million voices crying in anguish, and were suddenly silenced." This line may be familiar to Star Wars fans; in A New Hope, Obi-Wan Kenobi exclaims almost exactly the same line after the Death Star blew up the planet Alderaan.
  • In Continuum Shift's Story Mode, every time a character chooses a bad ending path, that character would appear in a segment called "Help Me! Professor Kokonoe!", where Kokonoe would give each characters advice on which to choose their path to the true ending.
  • Given her hobby of collecting candy and the lollipop she often has with her, its likely that Kokonoe has quite the sweet tooth.
  • In the series, Kokonoe is the only non-playable character shown to have her own character artwork. One reason for this could be that Kokonoe appears in Continuum Shift's Arcade mode talking to most of the cast.
  • In Tager's Arcade Mode, during VS Hakumen intro, Hakumen taunts Kokonoe saying her: "Why not come to battle yourself?". Due to Kokonoe being the daughter of the two strongest beings, as argued by Hakumen, he also taunts her saying that she has possibly enough power to stand against Terumi, which is actually possible (as shown at the end of Hazama's "Help me! Professor Kokonoe" Section, where an unknown object goes towards Hazama (presumably a missile), while Kokonoe arguing that "Hazama never thought anything, ever again. The End".)
    • Also, in one of the extra scenarios from BlazBlue: Continuum Shift II, she uses a spell that her mother used, called "Infinite Gravity".
    • The thoughts of Kokonoe as a fighter resurface again in Valkenhayn's Help Me section, in which she goes insane over the fact that she is not a playable character yet. Valkenhayn comes up with an on-the-spot excuse that she is their "secret weapon" for when the series goes stale.
  • Kokono is the kun'yomi reading of the kanji letter for the number "nine" (九, on'yomi: kyū, kun'yomi: kokono); possibly a play on her mother's alias, Nine. Kokonoe (九重) is also the name of a sumo stable.
  • Apparently, the lollipop she licks is silvervine candy, which may possibly (or jokingly) give her skills for her eloquent speech, as shown in Taokaka's "Help me! Professor Kokonoe" ending, where Tao eats one whole and starts making long sentences with words that she couldn't have used otherwise. Kokonoe then states that she had no idea the candy would have that kind of effect on someone from the Kaka clan.
  • Kokonoe is the third character to complain about having small breasts, along with Noel and Platinum. She gets extremely irritated at Makoto's breast size during her own "Help Me! Professor Kokonoe!" segment.
  • Kokonoe also seems to be lazy at times, as during Lambda-11's "Help Me! Professor Kokonoe!" segment, she tries to make it quick and skip the advices, since she's the one controlling Lambda and thus she doesn't need to give herself advice, until Tager steps in to put her back on track, much to her annoyance.