CBX Kolossal Rndr
Kolossal destroy!
~ Kolossal's catchphrase

A Frankenstein's monster-esque robot, Kolossal/Scavenger is the brute of Dr. K's forces. Not too intelligent and continuously relies on his master for orders but almost equal to Cubix in fighting ability, Kolossal/Scavenger serves as Cubix's nemesis in the early part of the show. Kolossal/Scavenger's equipped with various weapons but most importantly a detachable floating platform on his left shoulder where Dr. K. takes seat. Kolossal/Scavenger is big and strong, and although bulky he is capable of limited flight and agile high jumps. His left hand is a sort of claw that can be launched to grab things from afar. Most of the time he uses only brute force to win. Without his master's continuous coordination however he can only complete basic tasks.


He was create by Dr K and he big strong kind like Frankenstein's Monster working for him

Season 1

Dr. K says to Kolossal it's time to go looking for Solex.

Season 2

He texting on Kilobot's ability but he didn't not appear in fight

in Showdown He was watching with Dr. K with Zombot to strike the buddy town and then Kilobot betray Dr.k and Kolossal He was pretending to being brainwash and he with Kilobot, then Conder and his gang sneak in but Zombot and Kolossal is ambush then Zombot attack them, and then Kolossal fight back to Zombot but he didn't help Cubix fight Kilobot but he not strong enough and then Cubix defeat Kilobot for good, It is unclear what happened to Dr. K and Kolossal at the end of the series finale,

In the original Korean version, his name is Scavenger and he is very silent and voiceless, But in the 4Kids Entertainment English version, ve speaks with a Bulky Voice and says "Kolossal destroy!".

Kolossal's attacks (in Cubix: Robots for Everyone: Showdown)

  • Power: Mallet Malice, Ion Fist, Atomic Stomp & The Kolossus
  • FIre: K's Komet, Shell Shock, Flame & Maim & ThunderPunch
  • Electric: None from this type
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