Kom is the son of an unnamed female monkey, the younger brother of Gavin, the boyfriend of Gina and the main protagonist of the 1999 film A Monkey's Tale.

He is voiced by Matt Hill, who also voiced Ed and Booma.

Role in the film

Kom is a teenage monkey who is a member of the Woonkos tribe, who live in trees. Kom was always told by his tribe's elder Korcnak that below the trees lived demon monkeys. However, Kom did not believe this.

One day, Kom falls from the trees onto the ground below where he meets the "demon" monkeys, who are in fact the civilised Lankoo tribe and sees that they are similar to the Wookos tribe. He meets and befriends two Lankoo members; Gina, who works as a maid and Master Martin, a librarian, who teach Kom how to be a Lankoo. Kom manages to impress the Lankoo's king.

However, the evil chancellor Sebastian, along with The Governess and Gerard the Gormless trick the King and his army into going into going across a frozen poisonus lake to reach the promise land. The ice melts resulting in the King and his army (except one solider) drowning. The Governess also attempts to kill the King's daughter Princess Ida with poison.

After Sebastian and Gerard are imprisoned and the Governess is tricked into taking poison, which puts her into a deep sleep, Kom and Gina (now Kom's girlfriend) go to the Woonkos and it is clear that the tribe along with the Lankoo (now led by Ida) will unite.


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