Komodo is one of characters in The Secret Saturdays.

He is voiced by Fred Tatasciore.


He also likes to eat Ulraj's kelp necklace, much to Ulraj disliking.


He is a 250-pound, genetically altered Komodo Dragon owned by the Saturday family that has a voracious appetite. Komodo’s few strands of mutated DNA make him unique, giving him the ability to become invisible, something that comes in handy when Zak needs a partner for his stealth explorations. However, despite being as loyal as man's best friend, he would change his allegiance for a good meal. Komodo appears to dislike Zon, and attacks her in several episodes. Zak seemed to have Komodo first, even before Zon and Fiskerton, and it is unknown how long Zak has had him. It is also possible he may be a "Devil Dragon," also known as a Megalania. Komodo's diet is usually whatever he can get his hands on. This consists of a Popobawa egg, flesh-eating blackflies, a king cobra, etc.


  • Komodo is perhaps the most unusual cryptid on show; mainly because he is not a cryptid. Komodo Dragons were once unknown to science, but has since become one of the most studied animals in science. However, since the difference between animals and cryptids are genetic in the show, Zak can still control Komodo like any other cryptid.
  • Like normal Komodo Dragons, he mainly uses his tail as a weapon.
  • Is shown quite smart, as he operated the griffon in "Paris is Melting".
  • Has a sensitive nose.
  • Komodo was probably the only character from the Secret Saturdays "rough draft" known as "Criptids" to be maintained before revision.
  • Komodo is like a normal dog, protective, hungry, etc.
  • Komodo is shown to like attention.
  • Komodo has a sense of humor.
  • He doesn't like Zon, and seems to be jealous of her due to the attention Zak gives her.


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