Kong Rong (in Chinese: 孔融), also known as Kong Beihai (in Chinese: 孔北海), is a minor character in the 14th-century Chinese classic novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms by the late Luo Guanzhong, and its multiple adaptations. He is a politician, scholar, and minor warlord of the late Eastern Han dynasty of China.


Kong Rong virtually went to visiting an official named Li Ying as a youngest teenager, the two kept talking about it each time. Nevertheless, he is a rational and solicitous man whom have takes many requirements seriously to insist on his own aptness. Yellow Turban Rebellion is under way, Kong Rong is stubbornly ambushed by the Yellow Turbans who dictated by Guan Hai. Since then, Taishi Ci and his mother have to rush over to protected Kong Rong from dispute, Kong Rong shall likes to thanks the two from asking for help as he giving them items by so it.

When the military leader Tao Qian tell him to aiding fights with the invasion of Cao Cao. From this step by now, Kong Rong gathered his troops and led the battle with vigor. After the battle Cao Cao had withdrawn from the province to cope other nations. A few years later, Kong Rong agreed to offer his services to Cao Cao but did not suspect he was training in a traps. Joining Wei, Kong Rong is executed by Cao Cao for refusing to cooperate during the Xu invasion.

Although Kong Rong had no children and no descendants as the Kong family ended when Cao Cao's sword sliced through his throat. Kong Rong is a descendant of the famous thinker and philosopher Confucius. After Kong Rong along with his family's death, but his body was left in the streets. Not a single official who used to be close to him dared to collect the corpses for burial except Zhi Xi, who came to Kong Rong's body and cried, "Now you have left me for death, whom could I talk to who would understand me?".


  • For being a political opponent of Cao Cao and humiliating him on multiple occasions, Kong Rong was eventually put to death on various charges.


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