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~ Koops begging Mario so he can fight Hooktail. 

Koops is Mario's second partner from Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door. He is a timid Koopa that lives in Petalburg. When Mario arrives in Petalburg, Koops begs for him to let him come and fight the dragon, Hooktail. Koops's father, Koopley, had been defeated by Hooktail sometime before Mario's arrival, and Koops wanted to assist in finally defeating her. After Hooktail's defeat, Koopley was found to be alive in Hooktail's belly. Koops decides to stay with Mario on his adventures.


When Mario first arrived in Petalburg, Koops was a timid turtle, yet at the same time, he clearly wanted to be brave and fight Hooktail (as well as impress his girlfriend). So when Koops sees Mario trying to fight Hooktail as well, he joins Mario the 1st second he gets. Throughout the adventure, Koops learns bravery, and by the time he comes home to Petalburg, he is a completely different Koopa. 


Koops is a normal koopa with a light blue shirt that has a turtleneck and blue shorts. This is in contrast to most koopas, who don't wear shirts. His shoes are white and he has a bandage on his nose. Koops' shell is green like many of the Koopas of Petalburg.

Powers and Abilities

Koops is a strong turtle. His primary ability is his powerful shell, he can also do a power shell, which hits all the enemies on the ground. By the end of the game, Koops learns a more powerful shell attack, Shell Slam, which pierces defense. He can also use defensive moves, like Shell Shield, which protects Mario from attacks. Koops can use his shell outside of battle, he can use it to get badges that Mario can't reach, hit levers, or attack enemies from long distances. His shell can even be held in place, which is really useful in places like Hooktail's Castle.



  • Koopley (Father)


  • Mario
  • Koopie Koo (girlfriend)


  • Hooktail † -Presumed killer of Koopley
  • Lord Crump
  • Vivian-Enemy turned Ally
  • Beldam
  • Marilyn
  • Grubba-Former Ally turned enemy
  • Doopliss-Former enemy turned ally turned Enemy
  • Cortez-Enemy turned Ally
  • Smorg †
  • Sir Grodus
  • Gloomtail †
  • Shadow Queen †


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