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Koshiro Izumi is one of the main protagonists of reboot anime, Digimon Adventure:, serving as the tritagonist.

He is voiced by Yumiko Kobayashi in the Japanese version.


He look like his original counterpart. Unlike original Izzy, he wears new light orange clothes and doesn't wears gloves.


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When Taichi is visited by Koshiro when they learn that electronic systems across Tokyo had gone haywire, including the city's trains where Taichi's mother and his sister Hikari are trapped in. The two run to the nearby station, Koshiro who obtained his own Digivice, contacts Taichi and informs him that a horde of enemy Digimon (Argomon In-Training) are responsible for the turmoil in the city. Soon after, Koshiro informs Taichi that more Argomon have taken control of United States Military's network systems, threatening the whole world.

Koshiro informs them that the missile is targeting Tokyo, and when Taichi and Yamato refuse to give up, their Digimon partners suddenly merge into Omnimon when Hikari and Yamato’s younger brother Takeru came in contact with some feathers falling from the sky.

When Taichi and Yamato return to their world soon after, with the former befriending Koshiro. Taichi and Koshiro later reach summer camp where they meet the former's childhood friend Sora Takenouchi, discussing the apparent symbiosis between their world's technology and the Digital World. Furthermore, Koshiro estimated that Tokyo's urban functions will cease if the power outages in Tokyo continue for the next 72 hours. Taichi, believing that they need to enter the Digital World to prevent that.

Koshiro makes contact from another part of the Network and reveals he has befriended a Tentomon, Taichi's Digivice points a beam of light to a rainbow-colored mountain, indicating their next destination. Koshiro and Tentomon are swallowed by a Whamon on their way to the Digital World. Whamon transporting Koshiro and Tentomon is attacked by a horde of Tylomon. Leaving Whamon's mouth with Tentomon's help, Koshiro concludes that the Tylomon are being controlled by a nearby Soundbirdmon and, determined to protect his friend, Tentomon evolves into Kabuterimon to destroy the Soundbirdmon and free the Tylomon from its control.

Koshiro contacts Taichi, Sora, Mimi and reveals that time in the Digital World flows much faster than in the Human World, giving them more time to stop the outages in Tokyo than they at first believed.

During Greymon & Ogremon fight, a pack of Coredramon arrive to attack the other children, until Koshiro and Kabuterimon arrive to reunite with the others and Ogremon disperses them personally, wanting a fair fight. Ogremon and Greymon have a fierce duel until a MetalTyrannomon, the 'aid' sent by Ogremon's master, arrives to attack and swiftly defeats both combatants. Feeling himself betrayed and dishonored, Ogremon points out the location of the Holy Digimon to the children, instructing them to escape while he fights MetalTyrannomon alone.

When MetalTyrannomon pursuing them, the children take shelter on a cave where Koshiro, analyzing the data he obtained at the fortress, pinpoints the location where the Holy Digimon is being held based on Ogremon's directions. The escape plan fails when the children's advance is cut short by a lake of miasma that blocks their way just as Taichi and Greymon's fight against MetalTyrannomon brings the combatants to their location. She and others are unable to proceed forward due to the miasma, the children decide to circle around the lake while split into two groups, hoping that at least one of them can find a way past it.

Koshiro, Mimi and Taichi find some forest ruins and decide to investigate it, Mimi triggers a trap and falls into a hole with Palmon, much to the others' shock. After he learn that Guardromon and Andromon were former comrades until the latter was brainwashed.

He, Taichi and Mimi comes across a maze-like canyon.

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  • His Japanese Voice Actress, Yumiko Kobayashi is best known for voicing as Black☆Star from Soul Eater series and Kamitsure from Pokemon.
  • Unlike his original counterpart who has PiBook laptop, he has a tablet.

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