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Hero Overview

You will atone for your dissent, Mileena. Your blood will make right.
~ Kotal Kahn to Mileena.
If only you would hear our counsel. As war with the Netherrealm looms. I have urged détente with Earthrealm.
~ Flashback of Kotal Kahn talking to Mileena.
For years you escaped my justice. Sucked dry the bounty of Outworld's people. Today, your debt is paid.
~ Kotal Kahn to Kollector in Mortal Kombat 11 's Story Mode.

Ko'atal, better known as Kotal Kahn, is the fourth Emperor of Outworld (until he gives Kitana his throne) and an anti-hero in the Mortal Kombat fighting game series, who made his debut in Mortal Kombat X.

Kotal Kahn was once Shao Kahn's general before he was betrayed by the emperor, but kept alive for Shang Tsung's experiments until he was freed after Shao Kahn's death. He succeeded him by Outworld's demands for new leadership after he dethroned Mileena. Although he was initally introduced as a tertiary antagonist, he later returns as a deuteragonist of Mortal Kombat 11.

His main archnemeses are Mileena, Shao Kahn, and Jacqui Briggs, though in Mortal Kombat 11, he is on far better terms with the latter.

He is voiced by Phil LaMarr of MADtv fame, who also voiced Samurai Jack in the eponymous show, Virgil "Static" Hawkins on Static Shock, Hermes Conrad from Futurama, and John Stewart in the DC universe.

About Kotal Kahn

Kotal is a warrior from the realm of Osh-Tekk who was once a general under Shao Kahn's commands and later became the new ruler of Outworld ever since the death of former Emperor Shao Kahn. In his past, Kotal was betrayed by his former master when he assaulted the Osh-Tekk, but Kotal was kept in Shang Tsung alive for his experiments until he was freed through both Shao Kahn and Shang Tsung's deaths.


Kotal Kahn's appearance resembles an Aztec eagle warrior, the elite soldiers from the Aztec empire. Kotal's headdress resembles the headwear used by Huitzilopochtli, the Aztec God of War and the Sun. His attire consists of gold, metal armlets on both of his arms, along with a belt that holds his Tecpatl with a leather cloth hanging from the belt. There also seem to be remnants of bones disseminated on the cloth. Kotal Kahn's torso has several tattoos which glow in varying colors depending on his combat variation.


While he is an antagonist, he isn’t an evil person. Much like the previous rulers of Outworld, Kotal is ruthless. However, unlike them, he isn’t arrogant nor selfish. However, this doesn’t stop him from being ruthless and cruel to his enemies. Kotal is also very protective of Outworld and never shows an arrogant side, and is always humble. Despite being protective of Outworld, he’s show to not trust Earthrealmers and is very cynical, even when the Earthrealmers seem good, he seems to mistrust them. This is shown when he put Cassie Cage and her team in prison because he couldn’t trust them with Shinnok’s amulet. His cynical behavior is also shown when he mistrusted them Tarkartans even though they aren’t evil. Kotal can be aggressive, cold, ruthless, hard-hearted and even cruel.

Despite his ruthlessness & cynicism, he’s not completely heartless though. Kotal cares deeply for Outworld & his own race & will do anything to protect them. Kotal also has a soft spot for his lover Jade, even though they can disagree, they love each other nevertheless. After Sheeva and Baraka[1] help him out, Kotal becomes more compassionate and caring.

Overall, Kotal is ruthless and cynical, yet compassionate and honorable.

Powers and Abilities

As an Osh-Tekk, Kotal Kahn is incredibly powerful, possessing super-human strength allowing him to smash grown men's heads into bits of bone and gore with ease while allowing him to wield his massive Macuahuitl with a single hand. He also draws power from sunlight to both strengthen himself and heal his wounds. He can invoke Blood Magic to further strengthen himself and while in his Blood God state, he was able to overpower and cut off Goro's arms. His power has been compared to that of a god's by humans from Earthrealm. Like all Osh-Tekk he is weakened when deprived of sunlight, and unable to call on its power. Kotal Kahn is also capable of teleporting in a burst of smoke and flames, though this is not a gameplay element.

Injustice 2

Kotal was mentioned by Sub-Zero, in the same time when Kuai Liang is about to teleport into DC's Injustice universe after repelling Kotal and his force back to Outworld.


You prefer Mileena?
~ Kotal Kahn talking to Raiden about who should be on the Outworld throne.
It matters not.
~ Kotal Kahn after Tremor tells him he is fighting a Black Dragon.
Edenians are my subjects.
~ Kotal Kahn speaking to Tanya about Edenians being part of the united Outworld.
They say your skill is unsurpassed. Then I welcome this opportunity.
~ Kotal Kahn to Kenshi Takahashi.
You will keep your distance. You will not bewitch me!
~ Kotal Kahn to Quan Chi.
You spit at me no longer!
~ Kotal Kahn to Shinnok.
As you wish.
~ Kotal Kahn after Takeda says he wants to go a couple rounds.
Your sacrifice honors me.
~ Kotal Kahn in between rounds.
My you choke on your gold.
~ Kotal Kahn mid fight with Kano.
Lying snake!
~ Kotal Kahn to Kano.
Truly fit for hell!
~ Kotal Kahn mid fight with Shinnok.
Consider it an evaluation.
~ Kotal Kahn testing Ferra/Torr's strength, skill and loyalty.
I wish to restore you.
~ Kotal Kahn reminding Ferra and Torr how he wants to help them
You lack will, Reptile.
~ Kotal Kahn telling Reptile that he needs to improve on his will during mid fight.
You would do well to desist.
~ Kotal Kahn telling Sonya to cease her with him.
I've survived many battles.
~ Kotal Kahn to Cassie Cage.
Every word erodes my trust.
~ Kotal Kahn to Quan Chi.
Death comes to all.
~ Kotal Kahn meantions in between rounds that everything eventually dies.
Your rebellion is done.
~ Kotal Kahn mid fight with Mileena.
Kotal: Raiden? Shao Kahn?
Shao Kahn: General Kotal?
Kotal: Kotal Kahn
Shao Kahn: Kahn? Pathetic fool. You pretend to my throne!
Kotal: It is mine, by right and deed. You were killed, long ago. As was your repugnant spawn, Mileena.
~ Kotal Kahn to Shao Kahn.
Sheeva? What is... Where is Jade? And why is he here?
~ Kotal's first words in Aftermath, when he sees one of the person he hates the most, Shang Tsung.


  • According to his in-game bio, the Mayans named Kotal Kahn "Buluc", or "Buluc Chabtan," the Mayan God of War.
  • Kotal Kahn is one of two characters to have a Brutality in which the initiate dies as a result of the Brutality. The other is the Predator, though Kotal Kahn's is more akin to a Hara-Kiri.
  • Kotal Kahn's Blood Offering, Skarlet's Blood Ball, and Ferra/Torr's Pain and Gain are the only special moves in the Mortal Kombat series that drain health when used.
  • Before Phil LaMarr announced his return as Kotal Kahn, he reprised his role for a [cTxdbJXxh video] on the Cameo website.


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