Kougyoku Ren is a supporting protagonist in the anime/manga series Magi. She is the Kou Empire's fifth Empress and formerly the eighth Imperial Princess. She was also a general of the Kou Empire's Western Subjugation Army. Kougyoku is also a Dungeon Capturer, having captured one Dungeon, and the owner of the Djinn Vinea. She has allied herself with Sindria and has a crush on Sinbad.

She is voiced by Kana Hanazawa in the Japanese version of the anime and Kira Buckland in the English version, who previously voiced Kuroyukihime of Accel World.


Kougyoku is a young girl of average height with pink eyes and long, dark pink hair, which is pinned up with her golden Metal Vessel. She usually wears a long, elaborate dress signifying her royalty. She carries herself demurely and often hides her face behind her sleeves when embarrassed.


Kougyoku’s greatest charm is her wealth of facial expressions that convey the various changes in her heart. She tends to act childishly, but there are times when Kougyoku, as the stubborn imperial princess, wears a cold mask in order to overwhelm her opponents at a scenes of diplomacy. Even though she puts up such a willful front, she is actually a very lonely person and wants friends. She doesn't want to follow all of the Kou Empire's orders but is too scared to disobey.

She has always wanted to have friends and close companions, but within her family, she has felt ostracized because of her parentage and has not even had the courage to get to know Hakuei or Hakuryuu, the more approachable of her relatives. Instead, she occupied herself with becoming skilled at kemari by herself, playing make-believe by herself, doing a fashion show by herself, etc.

Kougyoku, who was anxious to have a place for herself due to having a complicated lineage, discovers the meaning to her own existence as a soldier. She fights, willingly risking her life for her important people. She holds a pride greater than anyone else. It is as though it is a way for her to confirm her personal sense of existence.

Powers and Abilities


Water Membrane

Kougyoku manipulating water.

  • Djinn Equip Vinea: Utilizing the powers of her metal vessel, Kougyoku can summon her Djinn, Vinea. When equipped with Vinea, Kougyoku gains magical powers that allow her to control and manipulate water. She can either call forth to equip her weapon only, or take the full form of her Djinn.
    • Vainel Arros: Vainel Arros is a technique that allows Kougyoku to create a spiraling vortex of water, which she then sends down to her opponent.
    • Vainel Al-Salos: Vainel Al-Salos is a technique where Kougyoku summons water shaped into sharp spears and proceeds to rain them down on her opponent.
    • Vainel Ganezza: A technique that Kougyoku utilizes when fully equipped, Kougyoku gathers a large amount of water and uses it to shape a tsunami. She can manipulate the size of the tsunami however she likes, creating various potential of destructive capabilties.


  • Swordsmanship: Outside of her Metal Vessel and Djinn Equip, Kougyoku has shown to be efficiently skilled in swordsmanship. She's noted to have special talent in fencing, particulary.





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