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Koume and Kotake are the supporting characters from 2000 sequel The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, the 3DS remake version, and manga series. They are a heroic version of themselves from the 1998 Ocarina of Time video game and the late 2000s Oracle games.

Koume was seen to be injured by the brainwashed Skull Kid, but Link gives her a red potion to cure her.

Kotake, her twin sister is the owner of Potion Shop.


The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

When Link finds himself in a parallel world called Termina in Southern Swamp, he finds Koume who was been injured by Skull Kid, he decides to give Koume a red potion that makes her recover from her injuries.

Kotake works in a Potion Shop and gives Link a Blue Potion when this latter finds the mushrooms smell in the forest with the Mask of Scents. Koume works at the Swamp Tourist Center where she gives tourists a boat ride to the Deku Palace. She only does that due to the poisoning of Southern Swamp and will warn Link about it just before he disembarks.

She also hosts a mini-game where she carries targets and Link has to shoot them while riding the boat for a prize of a Piece of Heart or a Bottle depending on his score, though Link must first complete Woodfall Temple to purify the swamp in order to play this mini-game.


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