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Hero Overview

I'm leaving Momonosuke in your care.
~ Toki entrusting Momonosuke to Kin'emon.
Like the Moon, you are ignorant of the Dawn. If there is one ardent wish that must be fufilled, it will be when nine shadows are cast woven together through twenty years of moonlits nights. Only then shall you understand the radiance of Dawn.
~ Toki's prophecy.

Kozuki Toki, née Amatsuki, is a female character in the anime and manga series One Piece. She was born 830 years before the present storyline, during the time when Wano was just being isolated from the rest of the world. She used her newly aquired Devil Fruit power, the Toki Toki no Mi, or the Time Time Fruit, to travel 800 years into the future. She arrives only a few years before Kurozumi Orochi and Kaido are about to take over Wano for themselves, and during this time she meets Kozuki Oden, falls in love with him, and marries him. A day later she meets the Whitebeard Pirates, and he allows her to join the crew, although it's unknown if she took parts in any actual acts of piracy during this time, due to Edward Newgate's well known rule about not letting female members of the crew fight. This makes her one of three citizens of Wano to be members of the Whitebeard Crew, along with her husband, Oden, and Izo, who was the commander of the Sixteenth Division for an undetermined, but presumably long, amount of time.

During their time on the crew, she gives birth to Kozuki Momonosuke and Kozuki Hiyori. When Oden joins up with the Roger Pirates briefly, Toki naturally followed him, and the two of them went with Gol D. Roger and the rest of the crew all the way to Laugh Tale, along with their children. Sometime after the Roger Pirates' visit to Fish-Man Island, Toki became ill because of stress accumulated throughout her journey. When the crew reached Wano Country, Toki forced Oden to continue with his adventures until the end or else she would divorce him. Toki then stayed at Wano with her children.

During her time in Wano, she became a beloved figure in the Kuri region, as the wife of the Lord.  It wasn't long, however, before Orochi and the Beast Pirates attacked Wano. During their final assault, Toki sent three of the Nine Red Scabbards, Raizo, Kin'emon, and Kanjuro, 20 years in the future. Before her death, she told Kaido, Orochi, and the rest of Wano, an ominious prophecy, that nine shadows would one day rise to take back Wano, and open up its boarders. This prophecy gave the Wano citizens hope, but made Orochi extremely paranoid for that entire time, as he believed that he would be overthrown, which only intensified his tyranny.  

She is voiced by Keiko Han in Japanese.


Kozuki Toki was a tall, slender woman, with average sized breasts, (for One Piece standards), pale skin, black eyes, long, back length, flowing, silky, black hair, a flower tied in her hair on the left side of her head, and longish, black boots on her feet. She was adorned in a short kimono, which allowed her legs to almost entirely be exposed, embroidered with crescent moons resembling the Kozuki Family crest on the bottom. She also had a scar on her left thigh, which she received from an arrow shot.



Originally born 800 years ago, Toki ate the Time-Time devil fruit and has repeatedly jumped to the future to find Wano.


Toki mistakenly boarded a ship of slavers who pursued her to the edge of island. She was taunted on having no escape but she prepared to escape with her powers but Kozuki Oden arrived (having heard her shouts) with his body swollen but still on his feet, he scared off the slavers and was tended to by Toki. The next day, she was surprised he recovered quick and accepted his gratitude before she hears him plan to start his adventures now that he left Wano.

She was quite surprised that he came from there and voiced her intentions to go there but was surprised he refused to take her there, since he just left. They were confronted by the slavers and their leader Karma however, Whitebeard appeared and defeated Karma. He allowed Oden to join his crew, because of his rescue of Toki who was also permitted to go. Toki later told Oden while she was biologically 26, she was actually born 800 years ago.

Three years later, Oden became a pirate, exploring the world with the crew and became the Second Division Commander. During this time, he became closer to and married Toki, who bore their son and daughter.

On an unnamed island, the Whitebeard Pirates encountered the Roger Pirates, where he was knocked aside by Roger. Toki and her family then sailed with the Roger Pirates going to Sky Island, Fishman Island, and Water 7. Very soon, Toki became ill and Oden had to take her to Wano with his two retainers Inuarashi and Nekomamushi. Oden returned home after years but his visit was short, as Toki encouraged him to keep sailing or she'd divorce him. Oden kept his promise to Toki and left her with his retainers.

While Oden was continuing his journey, Toki stayed in Wano where she became adored by the people for her kindness and was respected by the retainers.

When Oden returned home after three years, Toki greeted him with a hug before he discovered that he became popular among the people. However, Oden became enraged when he learned Toki earned a wound from protecting their son and rushed to confront Kurozumi Orochi, who seized control of the country with the assistance of Kaido and his Beast Pirates. Oden fought against them, but he lost and was forced to dance naked in the town square. Toki knew her husband had a reason and while the people scorned Oden, she stayed loyal to him

After that he rebelled again, he entrusted Toki to his old friend Yasuie. Oden failed to defeat Kaido and was set to be executed for his crimes. Toki visited her husband who entrusted his swords to her and told her to use her powers to send their children twenty years to the future.

Once she received word of her husband's death, Toki decided to honor his wishes. She was subsequently attacked by Kaido who set the castle ablaze. Toki recovered and hugged her children before the retainers returned, Toki told them of her plans and entrusted her son to them before she sent them twenty years to the future while having Kawamatsu take Hiyori elsewhere.

Toki escaped the castle, where she used the last ounce of her strength to tell a prophecy that will be completed in twenty years when Wano will be liberated.


  • "Toki" is another name for the Japanese crested ibis, which follows Oda's tradition of naming female characters after birds, as well as the Japanese word for "time", matching the name and ability of her Devil Fruit.  
  • Before marrying Kozuki Oden, she was a member of the Amatsuki Family, a formally influential and powerful family within Wano.  
  • "Amatsuki" (天月 heaven moon) fits most of the Wano Country families theme of having the kanji "Moon" in its name.
  • It is one of the only two families related to Wano Country that is known to exist during the Void Century, the other being the Kozuki Family.  
  • It is one of the only two families related to Wano Country that is known to have members live outside of Wano, the other being the Shimotsuki Family.

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