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Chris Kratt and Martin Kratt, commonly known as the Kratt Brothers, are the main protagonists of Wild Kratts. They are based on the famous Kratt Brothers of real life.


Martin Kratt (voiced by himself) - Martin (wearing blue) likes to give names to animals he finds, allowing the audience to bond with the animal. Martin is more the jokester of the two Kratt brothers. He is also often rushing and impulsive, unlike his younger brother, Chris. Martin is a little disorganized, emotional, and excited but knows when to be serious. In contrast to his brother Chris' climbing skills, Martin is a more experienced swimmer. He also likes to get into the mind of the animal at various times, saying such things as "Be the walrus!" He has a childish heart, due to his fun and humorous nature. He enjoys playing tricks on his brother.

Chris Kratt (voiced by himself) - Chris (wearing green) is the exact opposite of his brother and the more methodical brother of the two. Unlike Martin, he likes to take his time testing animals' DNA to understand the animals better and save them from the villains. Chris is organized, intellectual, and calm. He is an experienced climber, although in one episode, he falls from a tree and develops acrophobia that later subsides. After this episode, there is a running gag that he falls from a tree unharmed.


Martin's Personality: Martin is playful, childish, comedic, and simply loves creatures. Due to this, he is often seen as the "jokester" of the group, always cracking up a smile. On the other hand, he is impulsive, overly optimistic, and while usually prepared for any situation, he sometimes isn't. He likes taking risks, and is easily distracted, sometimes forgetting that he is on a mission. Martin can be impatient, as seen in "Bandito: The Black-Footed Ferret", where Aviva told him not to touch the new invention, the Stone Digger, while the others told him to wait until morning, he uses it anyways. He tries to be a "big brother" and save Chris from danger. Martin loves to get into the mind of creatures, and often identifies with them, specifically when in the use of a Creature Power Suit. Despite his jokester attitude, he does know when to be serious, and is a good teammate. He also knows when to put a creature adventure aside, as shown in "Fossa-Palooza", when the team had to go home for Mother's Day. He dearly loves his fellow creatures, and enjoys giving them names, especially the younger ones.

Chris's Personality: Chris is very similar to his older brother, Martin. He is smart, curious, and loves making jokes and pulling pranks. But unlike his brother, Chris likes being organized, careful, responsible, and tries to carefully think things through before jumping to conclusions. He is also more technically inclined, patient, attentive, and focused than his brother, and is quick to notice details, however he can also be clueless as well as shown in "Mystery of the Squirmy Wormy" and "Little Howler". There are also times when he gets overexcited about discovering new creatures as seen in "Octopus Wildkratticus" and "Mosquito Dragon". His childish, little brother side is shown more in the beginning of "Fossa-Palooza", when he refuses to leave Madagascar without seeing a fossa until Martin brings up their mom's unhappiness when they missed Mother's Day once. There is also a time when he is careless, as seen in "Opossum in my Pocket" where he unknowing left his backpack in the forest, because he had to rush back to the Tortuga before sunset and then he didn't notice about it until he got back to the Tortuga. In addition, while no one was at the forest, someone took his backpack.


  • They were foreshadowed in an episode of Nature Cat as bats and where know as, "The Wild Batts".