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Cpl. (formerly Private) Kreis Czherny is a supporting protagonist in the video game Valkyria Chronicles. He is an engineer who previously worked in a factory back in his hometown and an R&D specialist in the Gallian militia during the Second Europan War. While having no real story role in the first half of the game, after the death of Isara Gunther, he volunteers to replace her as Welkin's assistant tank pilot.

He is voiced by Kenji Nojima in the Japanese version and John DeMita in the English version.


Kreis is a young man in his early twenties of average height with wavy, black hair and brown eyes that he wears a pair of glasses over. When working in R&D, his outfit consists of dark blue denim overalls with dark brown gloves, dark brown boots, and a white scarf over his shoulders. After being transferred to Squad 7, he switches to the typical Gallian militia uniform.


Kreis is generally a very kind, polite and down-to-earth person. He is almost always calm and level-headed and generally acts as the straight man to the overly enthusiastic Leon, who nicknames him "KC." He is noted to have a serious sweet tooth, drinking hot milk with three tablespoons of sugar per cup and, according to co-workers, keeping chocolate hidden on him at all times. It is possible that this contributes to his skill in engineering.

Kreis has a great passion for mechanics and engineering, having previously worked in a factory back in his hometown. He is shown to look up to Isara, as she is a far superior engineer despite being younger and having worked in the R&D for less time, which is why she got promoted to a rank above his. When he discovers an airplane that Isara is building with the hope of fulfilling Welkin's desire to fly, he asks to help her work on it, as he desires to learn all that he can from her.

After Isara's untimely death, Kreis volunteers to replace her as Edelweiss's assistant tank pilot, a desire that Eleanor grants. He explains to Welkin that he desires to carry on Isara's legacy, just like she had done before with her biological father. However, he doesn't have a lot of confidence, claiming that he's still nowhere near as good as Isara even after helping retake Bruhl. This likely stems from the fact that he initially didn't want to enlist, and started off so homesick that he nearly deserted in an attempt to return.


  • Kreis' English voice actor, John DeMita, is the real-life husband of Eleanor Varrot's English voice actor, Julia Fletcher.

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