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At times, you see it flickering. The light only you can see. By second nature, you reach out, and you bathed your body in the light.
~ Kris, saving the game

Kris is the main protagonist of the indie RPG game DELTARUNE. They are a Lightner and the prophesied hero spoken of by the Darkners, including their friend Ralsei.


Kris is a young human, in their Light World form they have messy brown hair and an olive skin tone, they wear a green and yellow striped long-sleeved sweater with brown pants and shoes.

In the Dark World, they are dressed in silver armor with silver boots and a torn pink and blue cape. Their skin and hair are now blue in color.


Chapter 1

A mysterious voice talks to the player, telling them to make a vessel, afterwards the player was informed that they cannot choose who they are in this world. Kris then gets awoken by Toriel who states that Kris is late for school. 

Kris and Toriel arrive at school. As Kris enters class, their teacher Alphys tells Kris to have a partner, Kris was forced to partner with Susie after running out of options. 

Kris and Susie were assigned with getting chalk from the supply closet by Alphys. Kris alter appears in the darkworld alongside Susie being trapped until they meet a dark figure who is revealed to be Lancer.  After entering Castle Town, Kris and Susie talk to Ralsei, who informs them of the prophecy involving the Lighteners and the Dark fountain. Lancer interrupts Ralsei and Kris and Susie battle Lancer. After Lancer is defeated, Susie departs from the group in an attempt to find an exit from the Dark World on her own. Kris and Ralsei eventually meet up with Susie and Susie joins the party once again. With encounter after encounter with Lancer, in addition to Ralsei constantly encouraging Susie not to fight, Susie decides to team up with Lancer, since Lancer was considered a bad guy and being a bad guy let Susie do what she wanted, which was to brutally fight. Eventually, Kris and Ralsei have a stand-off against Susie and Lancer. Afterwards, Susie and Lancer join the party, however, Lancer doesn't follow directly behind Kris like Susie and Ralsei do. Uptight, Lancer runs off towards Card Castle with Kris, Susie, and Ralsei getting captured by Card Castle's guards in an attempt to follow him. Kris and Ralsei awake in a prison cell together and quickly notice that Susie is in a different nearby cell. Kris guides Susie through a puzzle and after completing it successfully, the latter is able to escape from her cell. Susie then has a confrontation with Lancer because Susie thought Lancer tricked them into getting captured. Lancer and Susie both considered each other to be friends and eventually refused to harm each other. Afterwards, Susie frees Kris and Ralsei from their cell. Lancer pleads the party, particularly Susie, not to venture into card castle out of fear that Kris and the party will fight Lancer's father, The King, to the death. Regardless, Kris and the party head all the way up towards Card Castle which culminates in a battle with The King of the Dark World.

Pacifist outcome

If the player refuses to fight The King and hasn't harmed any of the other enemies in the game, The King will drop to the ground on his knees saying Kris and the party have convinced him that violence is wrong and that he surrenders. Soon after, it's revealed he deceived them and after knocking Ralsei unconscious, attempts to kill Susie. Kris then jumps in front of Susie to protect her, but gets knocked aside by one of King's attacks. The King then lifts up Kris off the ground by their neck and taunts them, recalling Susie's now long distant threat to Kris of "Quiet people piss me off.". Susie then attacks The King again in defense of Kris, distracting The King until Lancer appears with an army of the Dark World's inhabitants who've, after reflecting on the Lightners' kindness, decided to remove The King from the throne, and he is thrown out of his castle. Susie and Kris, before heading to the Fountain, have the option of saying goodbye to all the inhabitants they'd met so far, and eventually offer their goodbyes to Ralsei, who removes their cap to reveal an odd similarity to someone they knew, which surprises Susie greatly. Kris and Susie proceed depart to close the fountain, and return to the Light World, leading into the Epilogue.

Violence outcome.

Essentially the same things happen, only The King pretends to have been beaten into submission instead of having a change of heart. Instead of Lancer appearing with a rebellion to defeat King, Susie reveals to have learned Ralsei's Pacify spell, and puts the King to sleep herself. Lancer warns the party that the King's forces are attempting to break into the balcony with ominously uncertain intent once they'd learned the Lightners and The King were fighting, and from there Kris and Susie head straight to the fountain, after a much more immediate, less prolongable goodbye with Ralsei.


After saying goodbye to Ralsei, Kris and Susie return to the overworld to meet back up with Alphys who tells them the school day is over. Susie returns home and its at this point that Kris can meet up with their father Asgore, as well as the new neighbor Sans, who has opened a new grocery store in a now-closed version of Grillby's from Undertale. Once Kris returns home, and upon heading up to their room and going to bed, the player will be shown an ending cutscene of Kris shambling out of bed outside of the player's control, moving towards the center of the room, hunched unnaturally. After raising a hand and curling their fingers in and out one at a time in a short stretch, they suddenly plunge said hand into their chest, visibly and audibly painfully ripping their Soul out of themselves, the sound effect for receiving damage playing before the soul is fully ripped out. A short shamble towards a rusty cage in a small wagon later, Kris tosses the Soul into the rusty prison, it's door locking behind. Should the Player make movement inputs at this time, the Soul will slowly meander around the small cage as the Player directs it to. Meanwhile, Kris returns to the center of the room, back turned, and slowly reveals a glistening knife in their possession. They turn to presumably face the fourth wall, grinning widely, before a red glint flashes in their eye, and the screen fades to black, Chapter 1 coming to an End.

Chapter 2



  • Kris may be connected to Chara from Undertale. They both have similar clothing, are both members of the Dreemurr family, and both have an affinity for knives. Kris is also similar to Frisk, the protagonist of Undertale, having the same skin complexion, as well as wearing similarly blue and red clothing when in the Dark World.
  • According to Susie, Kris might not speak at all.
  • There are currently theories that Kris currently is, or is occasionally possessed by Chara, based upon their actions during both Chapter 1 and Chapter 2's endings. However, the exact nature of these theory-spawning events is as of yet uncertain in regards to the overall plot, and the potential connection between Kris and Chara may yet be disproven.
  • İt is revealed that in the end of Chapter 1 Kris have eaten the entire pie with that knife.


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